Beware of Georgestreet

We fired them about a month ago and have been SO happy since we made the switch. Their photogs work looks nothing like the actual shots and our e-pics (that we had to pay an additional $300 for on-location) were far from up to par. Steer clear -- we walked away from a lot of $ to make sure we got what we were looking for. They offer great prices but beware. We meet with them and booked them (esp. since they had TheKnot award) but service was pathetic and their organizational skills left much to be desired.

the only good thing i really have to say about them is that they were very helpful/quick at cancelling our contract...then again they did get paid 2k+ to do basically nothing. hmm.

Re: Beware of Georgestreet

  • I agree completely. I ended up going through with using them, and I seriously regret it. My album (which took over 3 months to be printed and shipped to me) looks like a 12 year old designed it. My pictures do not look professional. The photographer used no creativity whatsoever. 90% of my group pictures are just different combinations of people standing on the steps in the church. He also missed half of my "must have" shots. It's also been almost 7 months since the wedding, and I still don't have my digital negatives.
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  • whoa. interesting. I entered their giveaway thingy and got a few calls from them, but ended up picking someone else because the price seemed too high.
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