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Colorado Bridal Show-beware

My fiancé and I attended the Colorado Bridal Show today at the Marriott at Park Meadows and we were more than dissappointed. There were very few vendors jammed into a conference room and many of the vendor tables were empty and they had not even bothered to show up for the event. I walked out of the event after seeing every table in less than 15 minutes. If I had known that the event would have a waste of time and money, I would have never attended. Be cautious if attending their show elsewhere, I would never recommend it to anyone.

Re: Colorado Bridal Show-beware

  • I agree, it was pretty terrible!
  • Also, with ANY bridal show, beware of signing up for "free" things or putting your name in for a raffle.  You are basically just putting your name on their mailing list and "surprise" everyone is a winner. 

    I can't remember the name of the company/product but you "win" the opportunity to attend a hard-pressure selling event to purchase very expensive cookware.  Doesn't make me feel like a winner :(
  • I also got a call from someone over the weekend "winning" something if I attended their "informational meeting" on their cookware. I immediately declined and asked where they obtained my information. Apparently Davids Bridal sells your information. I was fortunate that I got this call before attending the show, I did not sign up to win anything there. I don't need my information sold off to anyone else.

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    If they call with a vacation just tell them you work for timeshare company and if they call about dishware or pots and pans tell them you work for pampered chef and they will leave u alone real quick and take u off their mailing list b/c they know for a fact u will not go to a presentation or buy any of the products

    I went to a bridal show and celebrity called with free toasting glasses and a 3 night vaca package if I attended the meeting so they could give me my toasting glasses and vaca. I told them I work for timeshare and could not attend a presentation it was against my contract and they were welcome to ship me my toasting glasses-they hung up real quick and never called back.
  • Bridal Shows are becoming harder and harder to tolerate.  I made the mistake of giving my actual name and phone number out ... UGH!
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