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Newly Engaged...

So... I am newly engaged and we have set our wedding date....From Ihave no idea where to begin planning.....any ideas would greatly help!Wink

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  • Congratulations!

    What have you done so far?  Is anything booked yet?
  • Is the knot's checklist still there?  I found it to be really helpful for a timeline.

    Start with figuring out your budget and a rough guest list.  Then start thinking about what sort of event you want, and what you can afford.  From there, you'll want to start looking for a venue. 
  • Congrats!

    I'm keeping track of my tasks in my bio, so if you want an idea here's what I have done so far: - this is for a year-long engagement and a Catholic wedding, for reference.

    The first place to start is your budget. Assume that you and your FI (fiance) will be footing the bill for the whole thing, so start off by planning what the two of you can afford on your own. If your families step in and offer help, awesome.

    Also talk about what kind of wedding you want - a local or a destination wedding, how formal or informal, religious or secular, simple or elaborate, a few dates that you would like, etc.

    If you want a religious wedding, talk to your minister or rabbi or whoever ASAP. Some religions require pre-marital counseling and certain classes or preparations. The ceremony is the first thing to book in this case. If it's a secular wedding, you probably have a bit more leeway in picking a venue and an officiant.

    Scout out some reception halls that you can afford (ask your local board for help) and book one. Once you have a ceremony and a reception site booked, you've got your date.

    You can ask your wedding party members about 8-10 months out. Most people say it's wise not to ask any further out than that, because once you ask someone you're basically stuck with them (unless you are O.K. with possibly ending the friendship if you kick them out). You definitely don't want to ask anyone until you have an actual date and location set.

    Remember that you should be asking your dearest friends. Don't ask anyone out of guilt or obligation; you don't need an even number of attendants (so it's O.K. if you want three bridesmaids and FI wants four groomsmen); and it's O.K. if you want to mix genders (maybe you have a brother or a male friend that you'd like on your side). It's also O.K. if your bridesmaids are not all in the exact same dress ... a lot of people have them in the same color but let them pick different styles.
  • I really think what you do next depends on when your date is. If you're getting married in say a year or so, it's time to get cracking on booking a venue for the ceremony and reception. It's also a good idea to start narrowing down vendors, like caterers and photogs.

    But if you're life three years away, then now is just the time to start gathering ideas. Start a notebook with pictures and things you see that you like, and enjoy the engagement.

    Like pp suggested, the knot's checklist is excellent for getting you started. It's at the very top right-hand corner, My Checklist. It takes your wedding date and gives you suggestions to get started, month by month.
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