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Changing your name

I'm curious, if you're taking your FI's last name, are you keeping your middle name or making your maiden name your middle name?

Re: Changing your name

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    I'm keeping my middle name.  While I don't have an attachment to my middle name or my maiden name, making my maiden name my middle name just wouldn't sound right especially with FI's last name.  

    That was like a tongue twister haha

  • I am keeping my middle name the same and will be changing my last name... After all both of our last names are really, really, really, common...
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  • I'm keeping my middle name and will change my last name to FI's. Like Rachel, I have ZERO attachment to my maiden name and will not be sorry to change it.
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  • Same here, First+Middle+His. My daughter doesn't have my last name so no need to keep it.Undecided
  • Keeping my middle and changing my last.

    I do love my last name but it just seems right to change to his.
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  • Have anyone thought about hyphenating?
  • I am keeping my middle name. Although my dad has 2 girls, we do have a boy cousin to carry on the name, so I'm not worried about it. =) Plus, if i kept my current last name as a middle name, my name would be waaaaay too long lol. =)
  • I am not sure if it is possible but I would like to keep my middle and then change my maiden name to a second middle name while taking his last name. Everyone knows me professionally as my last name now. In my industry name recognition is important and it would be difficult to communicate the change to everyone.
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  • This is still an up in the air thing with me. If anything Ill hyphenate. I hyphanated the first time around as my son has my maiden name his last name and his sperm donor never put any effort into changing it. When my daughters were born was married to the sd so they had to take his last name. I went back to my maiden name when I was divorced. I am attachd to my maiden name but cant wait to have FI's last name. Its crazy
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  • I will be keeping my middle name and taking FI's last name.
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  • Possibility 1: Make maiden name my middle name, my daughter shares my maiden name.
    Possibility 2: Just keep my middle and take my FI last name.

    I keep going back and forth, I have some time to figure that out :)

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  • I'll be keeping my middle name and taking his last name. My middle name is after two woman my great Aunt Aunt who were significant to my father and grandmother so it has meaning to me. Unfortunately my last name ends with me but that's ok lol his name is very unique and I'm excited to take it!
  • I'm keeping my middle name and taking up his last name. I like my last name because it's unusual, but I've always known I'd change it. The unusualness would make it weird as a middle name. Plus, my brother and his wife have a son, so the family name will still live on.
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  • I'm making my maiden name my new middle name, and taking his last name.  I have no attachment to my current middle name whatsoever.
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  • Keeping my middle name and taking his last name :) Can't wait to be Mrs. Bryan
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  • Keeping my name the way it is. It costs too much to legally change it and my middles names and last name are too long.
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  • In Response to Re:Changing your name:[QUOTE]Keeping my name the way it is. It costs too much to legally change it and my middles names and last name are too long. Posted by SRRL18[/QUOTE]
    That's interesting. Have you thought about getting rid of both your middle and maiden...just have your first and his last? Well, if money wasn't an issue?
  • I think i will hyphenate my last name legally because I am super attached to it, but it would not make a suitable middle name..
     I wont mind being called by his last name, and I probably wont even tell his family it is technically hypenated, it will just be something special for me.
    Kids are a long way off, so we can decide what to do with theirs when that time comes...
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  • I'm taking his last name. I'm not excited to use it at work though bc my signature is so much easier compared to what it will be with his last name.
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  • I am ditching my last, this way i can keep my initials the same :
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  • I'm kindof torn on this.  I don't think FI really cares, and it seems like a big hassel to legally change my name.  Both of our last names are pretty generic, but mine is WAY more so and I like that I cannot be found on the internet.  I'm thinking that I might not change it legally, but personally go by his last name.
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  • I'm keeping the name I was born with, it's part of my indentiy.  I don't understand the tradition of the woman changing her name. It's from a time when women were seen as property.  I understand when you have kids it can get complicated. My FI fully supports my decision.  If someone called me Mrs X I certainly wouldn't correct them.
  • I'm planning on changing my last name to his. It means a lot to him and I think it's special to be Mrs. C. I'll miss my maiden name, but it will always be a part of me! I like the significance of taking the man's name when you get married, and have always thought a hyphenated name was a little too long and fussy for me.

    Maybe I'm a traditionalist at heart.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Changing your name</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm curious, if you're taking your FI's last name, are you keeping your middle name or making your maiden name your middle name?
    Posted by cashkitty[/QUOTE]

    I'm keeping my middle name & taking his last name!

  • I'm entertainin the idea of hyphenating and adding a name that my mother had thought of naming me...of course it would leave me having 4 names, 5 if you don't count the hyphen...but I've got a year to decide.
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