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Looking For an Outdoor Ceremony Venue

Hello! I'm looking for a venue that can provide us with an outdoor ceremony as well as cocktail hour. It's going to be a maximum of 100 people which seems to be a problem for a lot of places, we'd actually prefer a little less.

Any help would be wonderful! North/Central Jersey area.

Re: Looking For an Outdoor Ceremony Venue


    Not sure if this is the type of thing you are looking for.  But its beautiful
  • Try Oakeside mansion in Bloomfield, NJ. It's really pretty and they have no problem with weddings under 100 people.
  • Brooklake Country Club is gorgeous but not sure if they'll do under 100.....def check it out though
  • Addison Park in Aberdeen will do under 85 in one of the lounges. We are having our wedding there with an outdoor ceremony with 80 people.
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  • The english manor. Not sure if there minimum for off days is 125 or 100 but ceremony and cocktail hour are beautiful and both outside!
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  • hi, how much did english manor and addison park charge per person? (day of week)

    for oakside mansion how was it dealing with frungillo caterers:?
  • how much are english manor, oakside mansion, and addison park per person asnd for what day of the week?
  • Thanks, ladies! Anyone know the pricing for Addison Park?
  • Does anyone know the pricing for Oakeside Mansion?  Thanks!
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  • Crossed keys requires a minimum booking of a 150 person wedding. They didn't seem very flexible about that number but you never know, the place is beautiful. I'm not having a wedding that large I'm around 75 people, and having my wedding at The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm (outside) property is gorgeous and they are renovating an inside space at the moment to offer an indoor ceremony space as an alternative to an outside tent in case of rain. I was determined to find an outdoor venue and The Crossed Keys was a top choice but my small sized wedding didn't fit the bill for them. My top runners up to the barley sheaf were Hollyhedge Estate, The Inn at Fernbrook Farms and The Woolverton Inn. Hollyhedge isn't completely outdoor but the property is very pretty and there is some outdoor space you can use, the Woolverton has a site fee (which I thought was really a shame) and they require you rent the whole property for the entire weekend if you are a Saturday bride (Friday and Saturday night). The Inn at Barley Sheaf which I chose couldn't be more perfect, it offered everything I was looking for and had no unreasonable requirements to fill like some other venues.
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