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Do NOT book Brandy with Passion Parties

Hi, my name is Sarah and i got married 2 years ago.  I used the knot a lot during my wedding planning process.  I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and we had her bachelorette party last night.  She had met Brandy Vanwinkle, a Passion Party consultant, at a bridal show and gave me her information.  

I booked a party with Brandy back in November for last night.  She said she was free that night and would be there.  I wrote her an email on Tuesday of last week to confirm and she acted a bit flaky, but ultimately said she'd be there.  I sent her a text yesterday morning and said, "just wanted to confirm that we'll see you tonight for the party". She texted back, "yes".  

We had her booked at 7pm and she was a no show.  We kept trying to call her and she sent us to voicemail after 2 rings. Finally at 7:45 she texted me and said "I have the stomach flu, I cannot make it".  REALLY?  45 minutes after you are supposed to be here you send me a text?  Then she gave me someone's phone # up in NY to try and coordinate a replacement.  When I texted her back to ask why she couldn't have told me this sooner and why she was a no show/no call, she simply said "I followed the chain of command."  

So on such short notice, we were unable to find someone else.  She screwed us over, made me look bad, and ultimately the bride didn't get the bachelorette party she envisioned.  Lucikily, we had a lot of fun girls in our group and everyone made the best of it and moved on to plan B, but that still doesn't make it ok what she did.  

She never even apologized and showed no remorse.  Please do not give this lady your business.  She is unprofessional, unreliable, and potentially could've ruined the night.   Her website is www.flgirlsnight.com and her phone # is 386-898-2101.  There are plenty of people who work in this business and actually want to do a good job.  Don't waste your time on her.  

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