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I am curious to know how to coordinate the wedding day. Someone brought to my attention that I need a designated person for the wedding ceremony. For example, when to tell the musicians to start playing, when to tell the bridal party to start walking in, when to signal the officiant to start, etc. Is this very common? If I need someone, who do I ask to coordinate? Or do I just review with everyone ahead of time and hope it runs smoothly?
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Re: Coordinator

  • A day of coordinator will take all the stress off you.  They are professionals and well worth the fees they charge.  If you can afford to hire a coordinator for month-before, she will double check everything with all your vebndors, create a delivery schedule, coordinate all vendor deliveries with the church and the reception venue.  She also generally carries an emergency kit so anything that goes wrong is fixable. 

    I tried to coordinate my DD's wedding and of course, the simple things I needed I didn't have - like straight pins.  And floral tape, when I needed to create a boutinere on the fly.  A professional coordinator would have noticed that we were short a boutinerre and called the florist.  She would have cued me when to walk down the aisle, as I heard my music start about the time I reach my seat.  Oops! 

    Really, hire a professional.

    I recommend Marcy Hancock with A Thorough Fare.  She has space in the Mellwood Art Center.
  • I am not hiring anyone to do it. One of my Dad's cousions has offered to help us and that is what she is going to be doing. She is really good at this stuff and so much fun to be around that I am sure she will help keep us all calm and everything in order.
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  • Maggie Healy with Weekend Wedding Warrior is great too.
  • Day of wedding coordinators charge from 500 2000 from 412 hours. Do it yourself and spend that money on your honeymoon. Enlist some trusted family or friends to perform certain tasks at certain times write the duties out ahead of time and go over it with your designated helper friend coordinator.
  • 500.00 dollars to 2000.00 for 4 to 12 hours.
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