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I am having an outdoor wedding (ceremony only) at a country club in September. This past September it was cold and rainy on the day. Seeing as WI weather is so unpredictable I am somewhat nervous of what the weather could be like this year. We already plan on having a tent on standby in case we have inclimate weather but got to thinking what happens if it's downright pouring and thunderstorming??! I wouldn't think it'd be exactly safe to have people under a tent in lightning & thunder. Has anyone come across this problem before or am I just being overly paranoid?! thanks for any enlightenment!

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    You're not being overly paranoid!  You're being thorough in thinking out all scenarios and not assuming your day will be weather-perfect!  I had similar concerns, though my wedding was in a building at a park, it was still a 200 meter walk from the parking lot to the building, and the building was small (just enough to fit everyone seated), so mingling afterwards inside was not our top choice.  However, we decided that it was an ok back-up plan (just as your tent is).  Not ideal, but ok.  We don't have heavy rains & t-storms too often and when we do, it's typically for a short period (couple hours rather than all day).  Also, since your reception site is indoors, in an absolute emergency, my guess is you could have guests seated at their tables and do it in there (again, absolute emergency situation).  I hope this calms your worries a bit!
  • I would find out from the country club if they have a rain back up.  Most places offer something in case it rains (even some tiny parks), so I'd imagine they should have one.  Ask for all the details about booking the rain back up and how many people it accomodates.  They may let you book last min. (the week of) if it looks like it might rain that day but be sure to ask this question up front.  This way you won't be stuck if something does happen.
  • Another thing to consider is the temperature. I attended an outdoor WI wedding last September and we FROZE.

  • I know, it was in the 50's last September on our date. I am hoping that it was a fluke and will be at least 60's if not 70's (wishful thinking). The ceremony should only be around 25 minutes and then people will be able to make their way to the patio or indoor bar area for cocktail hour. Just not sure if the reception hall will be big enough to hold a ceremony too as the shape of it is somewhat like an L. I'll have to go do another walkthrough sooner rather than later!! ;) thanks brides!
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