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We have a budget of about $15000 for our wedding, which will leave our reception budget at about $8000 for 150 - 200ppl (depending on if we invite everyone to dinner or not). Any suggestions? I feel like everything is way more $$ than we can afford. I find myself crossing places off my list without even looking at them because with food & drinks they're going to break my budget. HELP!
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    I have a similar budget to you... though I am in a less expensive area and have a reception hall that could be just under 7K (plated dinner with kegs and soda covered--cocktail hour is being hosted at my parent's house) for 350 if we have that many. With everything budgeted out, we could stay under 14K, maybe around 13K if we are lucky. We have a lot of family/friends helping us out too (cousin is our DJ and has his own business, aunt is a PT florist on the side and has her own business for weddings, and found a young couple that were just starting their photography business and got our epics and wedding for under $1000). So, it is possible.. we just are deciding what things area priority to us and putting the money twds that before other things to stay within budget. I guess it all depends where you are located and then go from there. Hang in there!!
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    I am planning a wedding around the same budget... We just booked South Shore Pavilion with the Milwaukee Park System.  It is only costing about $1,000 for the venue.  You can buy your own alcohol and bring it... PLUS if you find a good caterer you are more in control if hitting your price point!  Let me know if you need more information.  My email is [email protected]
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    I started out with that budget too. We came in just under $8000 for the food, drink, fees etc. at the reception. We had it at the Madison Concourse is case you wanted to check out their prices for comparison purposes. In the end it wasn't the food and drink that we blew the budget on. It was everything else.  When all was said and done it was nearly doubled.
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    Where exactly are you located?  Roma Lodge in Racine has AMAZING prices, great food and no hall fee.  We're doing everything for 200 people under $7,500 - includes linens, centerpieces, alcohol, food, risers, snacks, etc.
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    We have to keep it in the Milwaukee area. The ceremony will be at a church in Franklin.
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    For my wedding, we've got a 'reception budget' of about $8,000 for food, drinks (Beer, wine and soda all night) taxes and tips.  Our reception is at the DoubleTree Hotel, Milwaukee City Center.  The food is awesome, the prices are reasonable, the building is newly remodled.  We're doing plated salads, rolls, and choice of filet mignon and chicken marsala for 200 people for this price.  I think we're getting a great value and would highly recommend the venue and Allan the catering manager! 

    If there is anything else you need help with, feel free to private message me.  I feel like I've found some really great vendors at reasonable prices in the Milwaukee area :)

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    I have a similar budget and ceremony location (Muskego). We are having our reception at the Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Park Place. It's off of 45N and Good Hope. We negotiated a minimum under $6000 (SUCH a good deal). We realize that after all is said and done with drinks, taxes, gratuity it will be more around 7 or 8000 but the place is newly remodeled, the food is awesome, and the wedding coordinator is really great to work with. We ended up switching to a Sunday wedding to keep costs down though.

    And our guests get to stay in their Hilton rooms for $99/night.

    My only reservation is that it's 20-25 minutes from the ceremony location, but that shouldn't be too bad, right?  Contract is signed so it has to be ok :)
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    I have had to drive about a half hour between ceremony & reception locations a few times. It was never an issue for us & I am sure it won't be for your  guests either!

    I was thinking about the Hilton Garden Inn, but their website wasn't very helpful when it comes to pricing for a July 2011 wedding. I've been to a wedding there & everything was beautiful & the food was great! Congrats. :)
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    The Clarion near the airport is nice.  The ballroom is pretty and the food is good.
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