outdoor venue on a $10,000 budget


We're looking for an outdoor venue with some indoor space as well, such as a barn in the Portland/Salem area.  My total budget is $10,000 and according to a lot of budget calculators that means I should spend around $1000 on venue rental.  I'm having a hard time finding a place within my budget although it is hard to tell sometimes because venues include very different things (ex: some include chairs/tables, etc...).

Does anyone have any idea of a venue that would fit my budget?  Maybe you have a similar budget and found something that worked?


Re: outdoor venue on a $10,000 budget

  • Ditto McMenamins. We visited both Edgefield and The Grand Lodge. And think about what day of the week you want to get married. Weekdays are sooooo much cheaper than Friday or Saturday. For example, if you chose Blackberry Hall and Meadow at McMenamins Edgefield on a Mon-Thurs, you only have to spend $2800 in food and beverage, and your site fee is taken care of. And they include your outdoor ceremony chairs and all of your indoor amenities (tables, chairs, plates, etc.). And The Grand Lodge is even cheaper! :) Best of luck!
  • I got married at Lolich's Blueberry Farm this past summer and LOVED it! It's a beautiful location and the best part is it's only $1000 for a full day rental! I definitely recommend this site!

  • Willamette Valley Vineyard? We looked into it but we wanted to self cater since we're poor. Lol. It's truly beautiful up there.

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