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Westside Pictures

It's going to be a hot one for our wedding!  Can anyone suggest some good indoor spots for pictures or outdoor places that are shaded.  We were planning Rocky River park, but if it's going to be over 90, I might melt!  We're looking in the Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake, Avon area.  We could go downtown, but we only have three hours in between.  Thanks!  :)

Re: Westside Pictures

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    Hmmmmm..... we're going to Lakewood Park down by the water, where it tends to be a bit cooler. A cool indoor place downtown is the arcade, but I think you have to pay. Your best bet is to ask your photographer because they have the most experience!
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    An indoor downtown option on the cheap is the Halle Building lobby. It only costs $50 to rent for pics and the lobby is gorgeous -- lots of pinkish and black marble with a fountein. My brother and his wife took pics there. It was their rain backup location. While it didn't rain, we had enough time to stop there for pics anyway. Both the ceremony and reception were in the Avon/Sheffield Lake area with downtown pics in between. They also took outdoor pics in the park along the lake by the Rock Hall.
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    I don't know about indoor spaces, most cost so much money, but let me tell you something about a hot wedding! lol Our wedding was July 2nd, it poured over night, then the temps went up WAY over 90. So it was hot and humid but we ended up surviving our pictures.

    The locations we used were Rocky River's Frostview Museum (old fashion chapel, historical Victorian homes, red barn, general store) &Fortier Park in Olmsted Falls (covered bridge, shaded areas, waterfalls.. AMAZING location). We were also going to go to Grand Pacific Junction in Olmsted Falls but we ran out of time (plus as you say, we were melting!)

    the one location, if it was going to rain, that I wanted to use, but didn't want to pay for was the Crawford Air & Auto Museum.. it might be worth checking out and putting the deposit down for if you were for sure were going to use it. I'm sure they have AC.
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    Huntington Beach?
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