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First Dance Pick? How do ya do it?

We are trying to find the perfect song for US!

It is so hard to choose.

Here is what we have so far:
Joshua Radin 'Got what I need'
Fooling April "Finally Got it Right"
Joshua Radin "Rather Be with You"

Fooling April is a great song, but because he was married before... would it be odd to hear a song about finally getting it right? LOL

Any other suggestions? We wanted a song that is not widely used.

I want to walk down the isle to Little Mis Sunshine's " The Winner Is"


Re: First Dance Pick? How do ya do it?

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    Cuute we are using "When God Made You" by Newsong. I think you and your FI should sit down listen to them all (if you two havent already) and just choose a song that you think fits both of you the best :)
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    I pretty much picked it out, but asked for H's approval. He knew that it meant a lot to me to chose our first dance song, so he left me do most of those selections. As long as he could choose some of the other must play songs for our reception, he was cool with me choosing our first dance song.
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    Well about 75% of the reception music will be a cover band of FI's choosing, so he basically left the first dance up to me. Well, as long as I picked something he didn't hate. I'm a person who will become obsessed with a particular song that means a lot to me at that current point in my life, so I wanted to choose a song from our first year of dating that always made me think of him.

    I chose 'Two is Better Than One' by Boys Like Girls/Taylor Swift. We've seen Taylor in concert together and on our first vacation were on the same plane with Boys Like Girls (I almost died, haha), so that makes it even more special.

    Wasn't sure he'd agree since he isn't a huge BLG fan...but I came home from work the next day and he had taught himself to play the song on his guitar. Smile
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    we each numbered our top songs 1-3 so if 1 had a lesser # total we eliminated that one.  then if there's more then 1 left listen to them and maybe dance to them and see which one feels right

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    i picked the first dance song and told him what it was going to be. it's been one of my favorite songs for years and i put it on every mixed cd i used to make him when we first started dating. and we met on a music cruise where this band was the first one we saw together so he agreed right away. :)

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