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Surprise Proposal

I work at a country club part time to get me through med school. With a job, and a career opening up for me I never thought I'd have time for a boyfriend, let alone a husband. I met my fiance Simon (an oral surgeon) when I needed my wisdom teeth pulled. Several years later here's how he proposed to me:

I mentioned I work at a country club, every Sunday we put on a brunch open to the public, the food is very good, and combined with a formal atmosphere, quite a few people make reservations for large groups to have a birthday party, anniversary etc. And it just so happened that I was asked to be a hostess instead being a waitress. So I took people to their tables etc. And near the end of my shift there was a reservation for 20 people and there was a note written in saying "Surprise proposal." Occassionally we get surprise birthday parties, the guest of honor comes in and everyone screams SURPRISE!!! So I thought this was cute, the very first person to check in happened to be a good friend of mine. She said, "Oh I'm here for a surprise proposal, the bride has no clue what's going on!" (I'm getting into this, it's sooo cute!). Since she was first to check in, as our policy goes, she can wait in the lobby for the rest of her group or sit at their reserved table. She chose to sit down, and when I brought her back, MY family happened to be sitting there...I was confused beyond belief...I felt a hand on my back, and sure enough there was my fiance on one knee. (At this time my family shouted SURPRISE!!!) And I said yes =) Turns out the entire staff was in on it, nobody told me a thing and my family snuck in through the back to sit down. It was the sweetest, most creative thing anyone has ever done for me =)

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