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How often do you and FI/DH pray together?

I just thought this board was getting quiet and wanted to see how you and your FI/DH pray together!  There are many ways to pray, and for this poll, prayer specifically means quiet contemplation, conversation with God, or traditional recitation of prayers.

This is not a judgmental question and attacks on any individual's current walk of life aren't allowed.  This is just a way to share with each other how we incorporate faith with the love of our lives!

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Re: How often do you and FI/DH pray together?

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    we each say our own prayers at bedtime....but its not as formal as id like (i.e., saying the rosary daily, etc.).  i would like to know more abotu the bible... we had talked about doing a bible study, the two of us, but it hasnt really happened.  H is not very "up to speed" on catholicism and the teachings, and  i'm not up to speed on the bible.  we'd like to share our respective knowledge.
  • mica178mica178 member
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    I wrote "daily" although we don't see each other every day.  We do pray together every time we are together.  We pray before every meal we eat together.  I send him Bible verses that I find relevant when I am doing my nightly reading.  One of FI's priest friends emails us his weekly homily.  We've been meaning to talk about that homily weekly, but that hasn't happened yet.

    One of the gifts I received from FI's family friend is a book of devotionals for couples.  I hope that we read through that together once we are married.
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    I said 3-5 times a week, because (thanks to schedules), that's about how often we see one another. We pray every time we are together in at least one form. We pray together before every meal. We also do little things, like read each other Bible verses. We are very open about our faith and prayer lives, and really support one another on the journey. We pray and worship together by attending mass together as often as possible (and always on Sundays).

    Right now, things are super-busy for my FI, but in the past we have prayed portions of the Liturgy of the Hours together, which I really enjoy and miss. We have talked about and continue to explore how we are going to incorporate prayer into our married life, and into family life when we have kids, using things like a family rosary, modeling prayer, etc. 
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    My FI was not raised with any religion, so when we pray together it's usually when we say blessing at meals during the holiday. We just went to our engaged encounter and it really opened his eyes to starting his personal relationship with God. We prayed a lot over the weekend and it defiantly brought us together. Our EE was at a mission, so I bought a couple of prayer cards for us. I to St. Valentine and a marriage prayer for after we get married. It was nice for us to use the prayer card and pray together yesterday when we got home from the EE.We are defiantly going to make it a daily occurrence, so we do not lose this closeness to God that we got this weekend.
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  • Jasmine&RajahJasmine&Rajah member
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    DH and I try to pray together as much as possible.  It truly helps our relationship, God be praised.  :-D  We attend Padre Pio prayer group one night a week, which includes the Rosary, and we try to "watch" the Rosary on EWTN before bed as well (it's on at 9:30 PM as well as once during the day.)

    The "obvious" times to pray are really the easiest, of course - in the car, at meals, etc.    We also attend nocturnal adoration together, which is awesome - we feel blessed that our parish offers it.  God is so good.
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    This is a very good thread. H and I need to start doing this. We have kept saying it, but have not yet done it. Thanks for reminding me again. We do go to church weekly together and pray individually throughout each day.
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  • M&Mf4meM&Mf4me member
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    My fiancee and I pray every day.  In fact since the day we started dating in earnest we have said the rosary.  Only when he was deployed to Afghanistan did we stop praying a Rosary, a novena and the Angelus every day together.   We still pray the Angelus twice a day via phone but we couldn't manage more than that for the time being.  Just over a hundred days and he'll be home.  He's been gone 7 months.  The daily e-mails both of us say we miss Rosary together the most.  I really want him home so we can be together for prayers.  I miss him sooooo much!!!!!

    I have never had relationship so based on Christ, it has truly been trasnforming.

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