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Plans for the week

Re: Plans for the week

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    Make appointment with HR at my new job to go over stuff
    Martini tasting on Thursday!

    Work on scrapbooks for parent gifts
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    NWR: Finish up my new rehearsal dinner package for work. (I am an evvent planner)

    WR: Pack to go home for the wedding!!
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    Cake tasting on Wed

    Making "will you be my bridesmaid" cards

    Seeing my future step son graduate from 8th grade.  Let the embarrassment start!

    Starting Chalean Extreme & Turbo Fire Hybrid workout.
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    - Working out and eating healthy!
    - Finishing my cake topper.  For real this time.

    - Getting ready for our trip up to Attitash this weekend!
    - Cleaning house, because my mother's decided she's going to stay here for a night while we're gone....
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    WR: Decide on which save-the-date I like and hopefully order them.

    NWR: Get ready/go shopping for Saco camping trip this weekend! :)
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    -Put favors together
    -Get count to venue
    -Start packing for honeymoon
    -Pay balances on vendors
    -Make place cards

    NWR: Get my car faxed and hope it's not totaled
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    *Talk more about our guest list. I have 48 people as of right now, FI has his list of  115 (Our wedding is supposed to be 100 people...combined! lol).
    *Talk to DJ and set up an appointment
    *Decide if we should choose vender package
    *Shop around for photographers
    *Meet up with MOH for her birthday brunch
    * Mud, Sand and paint our bedroom
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