Baby Shower Gift Question

The wife of one of our GMs is having a baby. When we found out she was having a girl (about 2 month ago), my FI and I sent her a really cute dress and matching hat from a pretty expensive baby clothing store. We never got a thank you card. We've seen them a couple times since and they've told us thanks, but still no card. She is way too etiquette-savvy to not know to send one. So, now her shower comes. I can't go (same day as my bridal shower), but I'm still annoyed enough about the no thank you for the last gift that I don't even want to send her another one.

I know I should be mature and send her a nice gift, but I really don't want to. My bratty side wants to "forget" like she forgot my thank you card or just send something small. What would you do?
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