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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vegas Banana Photography??? Anyone ever use them?

I have a meeting with the woman from Vegas Banana photography and was wondering if anyone has ever used them? She seems great.

Re: Vegas Banana Photography??? Anyone ever use them?

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    Do they have a website?  Haven't heard of them.

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    It's Vegasbanana.com

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    To be honest, I'm not very impressed by the work on their website. The pictures look flat and the color looks muted. You can see blurring.

    The fact that the disk of pictures that you get can only be blown up to and 8x10 say that you get low resolution pictures. Fine for photo albums, but if you want a larger picture, say for your wall. I got a 20x16 canvas print for my parents (family picute) and plan on ordering one for us (TTD shoot). For something like that, it sounds like your going to have to go through them and thats gonna cost you.

    For the prices shes charging, there are many other reputable photographers that offer better packages.
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    Who should I use? Finding a photographer is so difficult! Is there someone in Vegas thats good for a good price???
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    It depends on your budget and what you want out of it. Popular ones around here (consistantly getting good reviews):
    Deacon Tyler (my photographer) http://www.dtyler-photography.com/
    Mike L     http://www.mikelphotos.com/
    Bently Wilson (aka Todd) http://wilson702.com/index2.php#/home/
    Tyler Freear  http://www.tylerfreear.com/

    Look at their galleries. Figure out what you want. What I like in photography may not be what you are after.
    If you connected really well with TopBanana and really like their work, than use them and come back here (and weddingwire/other review sites). Every vendor is a new vendor at some point.

    ETA: what is your budget?
    and how many hours do you want?\
    Wedding venue? Reception venue?
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    I have Tyler freer as my photographer. I sadly am not getting married in Vegas anymore if you like his work(and price) I am looking for someone to give me 400$ for my 600$ deposit. just so I don't lose all of my money. if u are interested let me know.
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    Thank you for your help!
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