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Pregnant Photographer

This may be a stupid question but I've never been pregnant and on my feet all day so I thought I would just check to see what y'all think. 

My photographer didn't tell me that she's pregnant at the time of booking her, not that she needs to. But I recently found out through facebook that she will be 7 months pregnant at the time of our wedding. We have her all day, from getting ready to us leaving the reception. Should I worry about her not being able to move around and getting too tired? We didn't want to pay extra for a second photographer but now I'm thinking we may need to find the money to do so. Should she have told us she will be 7 months pregnant? Should we fork over the extra money for a 2nd shooter? Do you all think it will be an issue for her being on her feet all day? This is her first pregnancy. As far as I know, she doesn't even know that I know she's pregnant since she hasn't confronted me about it and I don't want to offend her by confronting her....not sure what's the norm in this situation. 

Thanks ladies for your input! 

Re: Pregnant Photographer

  • I do not think this will be an issue at all.. The only way it would be one is if her doctor told her to go on bed rest or something.. I am a hairstylist and Im on my feet all day as well, I worked up until 2 weeks before i delievered. Everyone is different. My advice to you is to email her, telling her congrats, and ask if she is going to be comfortable with being that far along and ask her what her back up plan would be. Some people work with other photographers so she could send a back up. I understand your concern because this is a big day and a big deal, but I think she will fine. Good Luck
  • Hi there! I am a wedding photographer and i was pregnant last year. I feared my clients feeling intimidated with my pregnancy but i was upfront with them. I still had bookings and to be honest, i was able to shoot weddings without any problems all the way til the end... oh! and i had a 10 pound baby, so I am positive you will be fine. if I were you, i would be honest and ask her, she might just have someone helping her with the weddings anyways. I sure did, and i didnt charge my clients extra. =) i hope this helps! Congratulations!

  • Thank you both for you help! :) I will definately talk to her 
  • You're welcome, good luck to you!
  • I'm sure she'll be more than capable of shooting your wedding.
  • I have to chime in b/c I'm an ob/gyn.

    If all is well in the pregnancy which it most likely will be, there shouldn't be an issue. However, there are a slew of things that could happen that would land her in the hospital around "7 months" (we only use weeks) like preterm labor, need for blood pressure control, ruptured membranes, etc etc which are uncommon in someone healthy without risk factors but are far from impossible. She can't photograph your wedding from her hospital room. I'd politely ask her what her contingency plan is just in case something like that were to happen. Again, the overwhelming majority of women late in pregnancy would be absolutely fine to take pictures all day so I don't think you need to freak out or change photographers, just ask what the backup plan is.
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  • I know some photographers who shot weddings basically until they were due, but I know they had an assistant AND a second photographer who could act as first photographer if something happened. I agree with Liz M to politely ask what he contingency plan is and, most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with it.

    Michelle www.michellelange.com/blog
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