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The Post-Wedding Haircut?

I'm sure I'm like lots of you newlyweds, spending months growing out your hair or not cutting layers or bangs or whatever for the 'perfect updo' (I am, right?!?!)

Now the wedidng's over and I want to chop all my hair off.  It's long and thin and doesn't do anything!  My husband says to do whatever I want my friends say 'you spent so much time growing it out wouldn't you be sad?'

Anyway, anyone else chop it all off after the wedding? Thoughts?

Re: The Post-Wedding Haircut?

  • I chopped mine off the day after the wedding,i had my appt booked months before.I could not go on my honeymoon with long hair.

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    I know what you mean. I just got mine cut yesterday, but only about 1 1/2 inches taken off. I have always had short hair and did take a long time to grow it out. I am still working on the layers, even though I am thinking about getting layers done again to help with the thickness.

    I wanted to get more taken off, but H likes it a bit longer and plus I didn't want to regret anything. A few of the girls on my local Nest board chopped their hair off and now regret it a bit, even though it will grow back. My thought is that I can always go back and get more taken off later.
  • I can't wait to get my wife chop.  My hair looks horrible this long.  It is so much lighter and fuller when it's short. 
  • I plan on getting mine chopped as well shortly after the's just driving me nuts!  I'm not 100% sure yet how I'm even wearing my hair for my wedding, but if I need long hair for a certain look, atleast I will have the option!
  • I chopped mine off the week after.  I was so sick of the length and got so bored with it. 
  • I need to chop mine has gotten so long. But my husband loves it long and every time I make an appointment to go get it cut, my DH gets this pouty look on his face. So I keep it long for a little while longer.  I'm such a sucker. Wink Luckily, having long hair means that it is easier to put up in this crazy hot summer.
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  • Our wedding was in March and I finally got around to doing the chop this month.  I only wish I had done it sooner!
  • I got my hair cut to about chin length about 8 months before my wedding.  I thought it was cute at first, but then really missed my long hair.  Now it's past shoulder length.  Our wedding was last weekend, and I plan on getting my hair cut next week, but I am definitely keeping the length.  I've really missed my long hair!
  • I cut mine off! It was shoulder length and got it cut about chin length. I'm very happy with it. Long hair can be such a pain!
  • I  have an appointment for the Monday after the wedding, I have VERY long thick curly redish brown hair.  I am donating it to locks of love and then letting my hairdessor have free reign!
  • I got mine cut the morning after the wedding. I couldn't stand it long and without shape any longer. I was not going to go on our honeymoon looking crazy.
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  • I was growing mine out for the wedding and it was to shoulder length (which for me was really long) but I ended up cutting it back to my spikes about 4 months prior to the wedding.  I was so excited, I looked like me again!  I was rockin the short hair during my wedding and couldn't have been happier about it!
  • 16 inches gone a week after the wedding.
    Good thing, what with this heat....
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  • Debating... thin, fine hair, past shoulder length. Wedding came and went, my sisters wedding 4 weeks from today then right after that is the honeymoon. Might wait, I grew it out this long, might wait to cut it.
  • My hair is below my shoulders, it is fine but curly whcih means that all the curl is being weighed down. I cannot wait to get mine chopped but H wants me to keep it. I think I will have to have some taken off now then the rest later.
  • Ooh, I cut my hair during my honeymoon, I guess I'll just post pics for an example:

    Oh, and my hair is as thin as it comes, every hairdresser I've ever been to has told me this.

    Longest length here. Mind you, it's curled and put up a little, it was actually longer than this!!

    Post-wedding! He cut his hair too, so it worked, haha! I had it cut with a LOT of layers so it has a lot of volume, so I love it lots. I'm actually considering going shorter.

  • My updo completely flopped the day of the wedding (it went great on the trial run) so we just chopped it off right then and there and I'm SO glad we did! I love my little bob and it's so much more me. 
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