Invite VENT: Everyone warned me...

But I still can't believe how many people don't RSVP by the deadline. Our deadline is tomorrow and we have 60+ people that haven't bothered to return their RSVPs. This includes family, bridal party, friends etc. It's so annoying! 

For those who aren't at the point where they are sending out RSVPs, just be prepared. We sent Save the Dates and gave them 6 weeks from when the invites were sent out. It's really frustrating because final cake numbers are due, I need to figure out centerpieces, we have to decide on open bar vs. partial bar, etc. At this point, I honestly want to just say if we didn't get your invite you are welcome to the ceremony but final numbers were already due for the reception, even though we technically have 3 more weeks to turn them in. 

Grrr! 30 days to go until the big day! I'm excited to see the people that DID RSVP though! 

Re: Invite VENT: Everyone warned me...

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    Awe I am sorry people just don't realize that they need to do those and that is ridicilous!!! Just go bridezilla on everyone
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    I am sorry you are going through this, Kelly.

    I know it sucks, but just do the best you can when you call people to follow up. If you don't get ahold of them, then I would say it would be safe to mark them as a no. And hopefully your caterer/venue will prepare a few extra plates (if you are doing a plated meal) so in case any of the people who didn't rsvp decide to show, you won't feel bad. Not that you should feel bad b/c they are obviously in the wrong, but you know what I mean.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is rude people and I think rsvp'ing to a wedding or anything falls under that category. Its like for crying out loud, the damn thing already has a stamp on it, is all they have to do is check yes or no and perhaps select a meal/meat choice. Is it really that hard people?
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    We just went through that too :)  Ours were due September 3rd for our October 1st wedding! It took forever to get people to RSVP even with calls/emails/texts/threats haha.
    Just be prepared too over the next few weeks for people to change their minds AFTER you already send in your numbers everywhere.  It's totally rude but honestly unless you have planned a wedding I really think some people just don't understand that you can't call the day before to say you are/aren't coming.
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    boo for the stragglers! sorry kelly!
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    I'm right there with you! We actually did staggered deadlines (basically one for family, one for friends) because we were really cutting it close with the venue's capacity. I have people who still haven't responded from an August 21 deadline! I mean, really? It's stamped and addressed and it's too much of a hassle?

    Then there are the people who say, Can't I just tell you I'm coming? Or, I'll bring you the RSVP next time we see you! I just want to be like, This isn't helping me. I already paid for the stamps, please just use them!
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    It does suck been there and done that....

    I would just try to get as many as possible before you have to do your counts.  For us we didn't have the cake finalized until the week before - ended up doing a slightly smaller sheet cake, and the bar and final count we figured out the Thurs before the wedding since that was our venues final count time....

    Best of luck and keep breathing...

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    Honestly, the people that haven't responded are more or less people we were obligated to invite, like the grumpy aunt you only like becasue you're related. And I totally agree itsallnice, so many people have just handed them to me. Most of our good friends made the deadline, and I think the wedding party just assumed we knew they were coming. I cannot believe how much we wasted on postage! If I had to do it over again, I would do Postcard RSVPs for family and a Facebook invite for friends.

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    We are doing online RSVP'ing so it will be really interesting to see how well that goes over...
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