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NWR - Do U know a Remodeling Contractor?

Hi Fellow Knotties,

I'm looking for a licensed contractor to remodel our kitchen.  Has anyone used someone that they'd recommend?  I'm not looking for high end.  I'm more on the frugal side. 

BTW, I got engaged 2/21/10, but not in the planning stages yet.  House remodel first.


Re: NWR - Do U know a Remodeling Contractor?

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    Unfortunately, the contractor we bought our house from is not in the area otherwise I would recommend him.

    I would go upto and check out their articles, I am sure they have some recommendations if not tips on where to look for a good contractor.

    I hope that helps!

    Good luck with remodeling!
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    Thanks for the tip.  I wanted to apply to a HGTV show, but my fiance is camera shy.  We'll see if I can just be on it myself.  hahaha
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