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Colors to go with Army Class A uniforms??!!

my fiance and all his friends in the wedding will all be wearing their class A uniform (Dark Green)  and i have no idea what color to make my bridesmade dresses so that they don't clash.

Any suggestions??

Re: Colors to go with Army Class A uniforms??!!

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    **I vote to put a "Color Scheme and Uniform" sticky up top **

    OP - Although it was not asked is as clearly as your question please refer to this post to address your color question:

    I'm sure if I did more than 5 minutes of digging I could have come up with 10 more similar posts.

    Basically what you are going to find here on this board is that - anything and everything will go with any Military Uniform and none of us really have any preference on what matches or clashes. In the end you and your FI are meant to stand out from the rest of the WP and guests.

  • calindicalindi
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    Unless you're trying too hard to match them, they won't clash.

    Pink, purple, blue, yellows - any of those would look lovely with Class A's!  You can use silver, gold, brown, tan, cream as a contrasting color.

    Basically, do what you want!  I find the weddings that look like they clash (or are too matchy matchy) are the ones that try too hard to match colors.  Just go with it! 



  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr
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    Listen to them.  They are correct.  This question is asked at least every other day.  That's why PP linked you to another thread. 
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