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Late Xmas recap (since it's slow)

Christmas Eve, we decided to eat at H's favorite restaurant in the whole wide world: Chick-fil-A. I felt like I was in that scene in The Santa Clause where he's eating at Denny's with his son, surrounded by other single dads & their kids. We were in the company of two other couples and a bunch of teenage employees who were clearly bored and thisclose to starting a towel-snapping fight.

We drove around and looked at Xmas lights, and discovered that hardly anyone around us even put up Xmas lights. Talk about depressing.

As we were rolling up in the garage, MIL called and said that they were all waiting to Skype. Of course we had some technical difficulties and it took for-freaking-ever to get it working. When we finally got it to work, we were greeted by Fishy's ugly mug taking up 3/4 of the screen (about 6" away from the camera apparently), and MIL, sFMIL, Shrimpy, Little Bro, and LB's gf crammed together in the remaining 1/4.

We spent the next hour listening to him go on and on about his new business venture (called Integrity somethingorother... *snort*), how they just registered for the baby, where we live in relation to [insert any LA suburb here], blah blah blah blah. I think the rest of them got six words in.

Best part: When MIL & sFIL were here, she told me she wanted to get a camcorder to film the new grandbaby, so I helped her pick out a flip camcorder online. When we were Skyping, I asked her how she liked it, if she'd practiced using it yet, and her face went beet red. Everyone looked at her, and she said, "Uh... well, that wasn't exactly for me..." Ok. Well, I didn't exactly feel bad for spilling PPP's Xmas gift, considering she lied to me about the whole thing for some reason.

Thank God our internet connection went down after an hour. We'd had enough of Fishy waxing philosophic about us still needed to find our "comfort zone" to be happy here. *eyeroll*

Christmas day was low-key, and we took off on Sunday for our drive up the coast. But I'll post about that on my blog if you're interested.

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