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We are having a Ravens wedding, our reception is at M&T Bank Stadium. Im taking any fun ideas for the reception, ie, place card hard holders, favors etc...

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  • Sounds like a fun wedding! Thanks for the ideas!
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    My H and I got married at M&T Bank this past July.  We didn't want to have a Ravens themed wedding, but more of a pretty wedding at the football stadium.  We did include a few football/Ravens things, such as naming the tables after the players and I painted a football that had our names and wedding date on it for when we took pictures on the field.  We figured that the setting alone provided enough Ravens decor so we didn't feel like me needed to emphasize it.

    Oh, just an FYI, unless you are getting married at the stadium during the season, the field will not be painted with the Ravens logo and the goal posts will not be up...we found this out after we put our deposit down and was kind of disappointed.

    The food was amazing!!!  There was so much to pic from and Carly, the coordinator we worked with, was so easy to talk to and was very flexible.

    Here are a few pics from our day!

    My bridal party and I got ready in a box suite...this pic was taken before the ceremony.

    We got married at the stadium as well...right on top of the ravens logo

    Love this pic...a stadium makes for some great pictures

    Near the end of the night...our photographer did a great job with the lighting

    Centerpieces with table named/numbered after the players...we had a large seating chart when people walked in where they were able to find which table they were sitting at.

    The football I painted...this was actually one of the DIYs I did that only took me two hours to finish...everything else took me forever (like the frames in the above pic)

  • Thanks for sharing! I like your pictures.  Im excited for the pics on the field, that does suck about the logo not being on the field but it will still be cool. Our wedding is in June. Im glad to hear the food was good. and yea Carly has been great, we have enjoyed working with her :)  I think we are going to name the tables by the players names.
    Thanks again!
  • I'm having a wedding at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, so it's different but the same!

    We're doing tickets as seating charts, we have an old Baltimore Baseball logo that we're using as a template. 

    Our tables are numbered after past and present Orioles that we like, and along with the table number, we're putting an iconic picture of the player.

    Our guestbook is a jersey that we've customized to have our last name and '12' as the year we got married.

    We're doing 'ballpark fare' as our food which includes hot dogs, bbq chicken, cracker jacks, and pizza.  as well as mini crab cakes as an appetizer.

    For pictures, you should definitely imitate the one of Joe and his wife playing football!
    September 2012 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards!!!
  • Awesome! sounds like you will have a fun wedding!! Love the jersey idea! We were originally going to use Ripken Stadium and we were going to the jersey idea as well but it won't as well with a football jersey.We are doing our tables as Ravens numbers. I agree with the picture like Flacco, I have been planning out the poses I want since we can have the pictures on the field. I want want one with everyone making a muscle and pointing to it like Ray Rice does :)
    I hope you have a beautiful wedding!!
  • Thanks, you too!

    I love the idea of a Rice picture!
    September 2012 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards!!!
  • How about a Ravens wedding cake.  Check out my web site I have done some for grooms cakes but would love to do a wedding cake with that as the theme.
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