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I am looking to throw a bridal shower for my friend in Springfield, MO.  I have only lived here for one year and don't know what is available.  I am looking for a nice place with reasonable prices.  We were thinking of bringing our own food to make it a little cheaper.  The park is always an option but what happens if it rains.  Please help!

Re: Springfield area Bridal Shower

  • How many people are you planning on hosting? There's a super cute little shop on Pickwick called Pickwick House that can host showers, but it's not a huge place. There's also Lola's in Nixa-a super cute little coffee/sandwich shop, that I *think* will allow you to bring in outside food after hours.
  • It will be about 20-30 people.  Thanks for the input so far!
  • There is also an adorable cafe, with wonderful food, also on Pickwick.  Tea Bar and Bites is a charming place for a shower.   You could not bring your own food, but they have an awesome catering menu to choose from.  Check out their website, and stop by for lunch.  Even if you don't have your shower there, you will have a new favorite cafe!
  • Tea bar and bites is pretty pricey and the rooms are really small and seperated.

    THeir is a place in town called catholic campus ministry, you can rent their rooms out really cheap and bring your own food, cake, drinks ect. The woman who runs it is fabulous!

    There is also Beths Bake shoppe, you have to order food from them so again a little pricey.

    Also there is the Tuscan Hill house in strafford, you can bring your own food there, they are a little higher on the rental side but still not bad since you can bring your own food.

    Lola's is very nice but if you want to have it during the dayyou can really ony do maybe 24 people and thats not leaving a lot of extra room.
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