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Bridesmaids gifts/gifts for parents

So, I'm really trying to work on getting gifts for the bridesmaids and my future in-laws. I already purchased a jewelry set (necklace and earrings) for each bridesmaid to wear on the day of the wedding. I plan on giving these to them at the rehearsal dinner. But, I also want to get them each something else. I was thinking maybe a robe with their name embroidered on it? I'm not really sure what I want to get them. I want it to be something they can use after the wedding if they choose (the jewelry they may not use but I wanted matching necklaces for the wedding and felt that I should purchase this for them). 
Also, not sure what to get my future in-laws, or more specifically, my future father in-law. I'm fairly certain I'm going to get my future mother in-law a hankie with a beautiful message embroidered on it that I saw on Etsy. But, I'm stuck on the father in-law. 

Also, are you giving a gift to your husband to be. We decided to write letters to each other and we will receive them while we are getting ready for the wedding, however we've also tossed around the idea of getting each other a small gift. Any ideas?
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Re: Bridesmaids gifts/gifts for parents

  • We are probably getting our parents a photo album of selected wedding photos. However, this will not be presented until after the wedding, of course. 

    FI has a gift idea for his best man (a view/lens finder, he is an aspiring director) but hasn't purchased it yet. 

    I have no ideas for my matron of honor's gift... but am really wanting to get her something special, as she has always gone above and beyond for me. 

    Considering getting FI a new set of cuff links to wear with his brand new Brooks Brothers suit for the wedding. We've also discussed budgeting for new annual passes to Disneyland for our mutual wedding gift, as ours just expired this month and we can't afford to renew right now. 

    I also really like the idea of writing letters to one another... 

  • I hate to say this, but i am getting 2 of my bridesmaids' hair done (they are my sisters and they said just to make them beautfiul for the day), my other bridesmaid is my future sister in law (she's coming in from Thailand), so I would love to get her something extra special. As for my maid of honor, I am thinking about getting her a nice pearl bracelet.
    I have no clue what FI is geting his groomsmen, but I am hoping that he will get my daughters (5 yr old twins) a small trinket to wear in the wedding). We have talked about it, so we'll see. I want it to be his idea and I want him to pick it out.

    As for our parents, we haven't even thought of it. My mom's thinking is that since we are paying for the wedding completely by ourselves, not to worry about her. FI parent's travel A LOT and they aren't into "things". I think they are just excited to be getting an extended family. (they don't have grandkids yet, but they get 5 step-grandkids)

    I want to get FI and I our favorite baseball team jerseys (he likes the Oakland A's and I like the Anaheim Angels). So I thought an A's jersey that said Mr. and I could get an Angel's one for me that said Mrs. I just don't know what number to put on it.
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  • @ Mikesgal419... Your jersey's should be #13 for the year you're marrying in!

  • For bridesmaids, I was also actually thinking about bathrobes.  I'm the last in my group of friends to be getting married, so the jewelry and bags have already been done.  I thought of a ring dish or necklace that can hold you rings, but one of my bridesmaids isn't married (yet) so I didn't want to do that to her.  However, after reading this, I am really liking the idea of paying for their makeup or hair rather than buying them something that they may not even want/like.  We are all pretty sensible and thrify gals, I hope that it would be a relief rather than a let down of not getting a gift!
  • Do you guys think that it would be a bad idea to ask my bridesmaids if they would like me to pay for their hair or makeup?  Again, I don't want to spoil the fun of receving a gift, but I think that it may be relieving for them to know ahead of time for their own budgeting purposes.

    What do you think?
  • In Response to Re: Bridesmaids gifts/gifts for parents:
    [QUOTE]Do you guys think that it would be a bad idea to ask my bridesmaids if they would like me to pay for their hair or makeup?  Again, I don't want to spoil the fun of receving a gift, but I think that it may be relieving for them to know ahead of time for their own budgeting purposes. What do you think?
    Posted by deedlebrd[/QUOTE]

    I would ask them, i know from personal experiance that some of the girls in my group did not want their hair and/or makeup done, some much preferred the way they did their own makeup.  Another similar option is to pay for everyone to get a manicure/pediucre the day before the wedding, some nail salons will even close down for a night (or stay open late to accomodate only your party) and let you bring champagne/snacks/etc. 
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  • I'm thinking for my bridesmaids a mongrammed tote with monogrammed PJ pants and a bottle of wine inside. I love monograms, as you can tell. I'm not getting them anything wedding related b/c I want them to make their own decisions as to jewelry and stuff. My sister is my MOH and I think I am going to get her this really dainty diamond bar bracelet from BlueNile, along with the same stuff my BMs are getting. It is going to cost me a bundle, but I think they are all worth it! Parents I am just going to do an album with wedding photos, and I might present my mom with my bouquet at the wedding.
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  • I like the idea of doing a album with wedding photos for the parents. I'll have to look into that. :) Thanks for all of the ideas ladies! :) 
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  • I bought my bridesmaids coach purses, and we are getting the groomsmen matching cooler and seat sets with their names on them. As for the parents I was going to do the album and a blanket. For my future hubby I haven't decided yet, I am thinking a watch.
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  • I having troubles with the bridesmaides gifts as well, but my fianve got his groomsmen the cooler/seat combo on the knot shop and he loved it soo much Im going to get him that.  It seems it would be good for all occasions, tailgating, camping, barbeque, floating etc.  As far as parents the photo album is a good idea but also you might want to look into a personalized photo pframe/ invitation combo and put a pic of you and your parents.  They have alot of stuff on the knot shop so just look around and think what they would think would be most memorable
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