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WR or NWR plans?

I'm supposed to dive this morning but I woke up feeling kind of gross.  FI flipped out on me for trying to help him with some work stuff yesterday and I ate a lot of rich food last night during girls' night so I think an upset mind and an upset tummy are seeking revenge right now.  I don't want to miss out on an extra $240 to dive, though.

No plans tonight, working at some point this weekend, party with coworkers Saturday afternoon.  FI is supposed to go buy the wedding rings on Saturday with our best man.

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Re: Friday

  • NWR - I have a 4 day weekend. My 30th birthday is tomorrow. I'll work from home a good bit because it's month end. I also have a nasty cough and may go to urgent care.

    This week has been brutal. We had to help John's mom remove her new boyfriend from her house after we found out he was a con artist. Kind of an intervention of sorts on the mom and a police escort to remove to boy friend. I didn't make it home and spent all night one night taking care of that. So, I'm just done this weekend.

    WR - Nothing...
  • Oh boy...that sounds like quite the week.  Happy Birthday!  I hope you get a nice surprise from John :-)

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  • Happy early Birthday, Stef!

    Tonight is the first night FI and I will sleep in our new house! We will probably just sleep there on the weekends until we are all settled in and most of our stuff is there. We plan on going through our guestlist and finalizing it because I need to order invitations ASAP.

    Tomorrow is our church retreat for pre marital counseling. And then I work on Sunday. lame.

    Oh last night FI asked me to pin his badge on him at his graduation ceremony on the 14th. Only a few people out of his class of 40 were sponsored and have jobs after graduating; so they actually get to wear their uniform, have someone pin them, get their firearm from the chief of police, etc and I felt honored that he would ask me. He is nervous that I will cry and that will make him get emotional. I told him that there is a very slim chance I WONT cry, so he better get ready for it.

    I hope you all have a great weekend!
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    StefffiC -Happy birthday!
    Vk-how exciting that tonight you get to stay in your home! How sweet of your FI too! That is going to be an amazing moment for you both :)

    WR-I plan to decorate allllll of my mason jar/milk jar cetnerpieces :) and maybe some other DIY projects. I am excited though because next Sunday(dec 9) we have our details meeting with our venue, and are also meeting with our JOP. I am also meeting my sister to go to her friends house. She had a huge candy buffet at her wedding and is letting me borrow alllll of her candy buffet jars, so I am sooo thankful for this she is saving me so much money and time to go search for glass jars etc. I have bought some things already to tie in my rustic theme but really need items to hold the candy now.

    NWR-this is literally our first weekend we actually have nowhere to be! It will be nice to just relax. Our December calendar is already looking super busy!
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  • NWR - My first parent teacher conference is in about an hour.  Then I seriously need to get the last of these Christmas decorations up because I'm sick of tripping over Totes and boxes all over the place!  My daughter also has a birthday party tomorrow for one of her little school friends.  I should probably bring Tylenol - the amount of noise that ten or twenty 5 & 6 year old girls can make is astounding!

    WR - I HAVE to find shoes this weekend.  Have to.  I also need to get my butt in gear and get our wedding invites ordered.  I want to send them out at the end of January, since it's a destination wedding, not to mention our RSVP date has to be a month before the wedding so we know if we'll need to reserve a second trolley for our guests and they need to know 30 days ahead of time.
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    Happy early birthday!

    I'm just going to go to the gym tonight, and then have a movie night with FI. It's very stormy so that's all I feel like doing. Tomorrow we are going to get our Christmas tree, and then I have a birthday thing to go to that night. Sunday, church, and then I'm having some friends come over and we are having a gingerbread decorating party :)

    Nothing wedding related this weekend! Though I did just order a personalized cake topper and Mr and Mrs chair signs, so I'm excited about that :)
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