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DJ using light effects or not?

The DJ I'm considering using is not cheesy at all but does have colored lights and a round ball that shoots out white light for slow songs... is using lights cheesy? I can't decide if I should ask him to not use them or use them!?

Re: DJ using light effects or not?

  • adebold11adebold11
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    edited December 2011
    I think the right lighting can work WONDERS..depending on the type of room you're using for the reception..mine will be in a ballroom at a Westin hotel and I feel like light will completely transform the room..make sure you have a clear picture of what kinds of lighting will be used and what colors as they should compliment your decor. I do however believe that effects like strobes or things like that can be a bit much....take a look at the website for washington talent agency...just google them and look at their lighting..AMAZING...that's who I'm using :)... good luck!
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