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Hey ladies have any of u gotten a dress from this bridal salon in phoenix it is a plus size boutique and wanted to know if any has been...if so share ur experience u had with them

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    I actually found my dress at Strut but decided to purchase elsewhere. I wanted to purchase my dress at a location where alterations could be done on site and also they would be able to keep my dress until the wedding since I am an out of town bride. My experience at Strut though was great, I like that they have bras and slips tat I could actually fit into as a plus size bride. There was a bit of construction going on when I visited the store in December. I didn't like the fact that the store seemed dusty and they don't take the best care of their dresses. But I say if you are a plus size bride it's a place to definitely check out. 
  • Thanks for the info I have an appointment thus Saturday so I'm anxious to see how it goes
  • I just went there a few weeks ago and maybe it was because I am not the "normal bride" but the exp was not great. 

    I was not looking for a true bridal dress apperantly, I don't like lace/flowers etc and didn't want a train.  So she only gave me formal dresses to try on due to they didn't have any bridal dresses wi/out trains.   Was kind of hard to imagine the dress being white when they give you an olive green or bright orange dress to try on.  

    She was really nice and didn't make me feel bad for being plus size, overall it was an ok exp.   It did make me realize I just needed to have my mom make my dress and customize it to what I want. 

    I hope you have a good exp - they had a lot of pretty frilly dresses there (just wasn't my style)
  • I purchased my dress from Strut. Although I did not consider myself "plus size", after an appointment at Priscilla of Boston I definitely felt plus size. Since nothing in that store fit my size 14 body, I left in tears and scheduled an appt for later that same day at Strut. Ann was my consultant and we picked a ton of dresses in the style I was looking for and they all zipped up! Also, the dress I ended up choosing was way under my budget so my parents were thrilled. My dress arrived on time. They provided alterations recommendations when I picked it up. We also ordered BM dresses here. I think the construction is over now, so it's easier to get to the store. Have fun, it's a really good environment to try dresses on in.
  • I had an appointment there and had a great experience. It was quick (I only tried on 4 dresses).  I really liked one and it was right around my budget but I couldn't stop thinking about one at DB (even though my exp there was horrible- arrowhead).  So I made an appointment at DB in PV- had a good experience and bought my dress :)
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  • Well ladies I had a great experience at strut thanks for all ur feedback I dint consider myself as plus size but when I went to Lillian Lottie in Scottsdale I didn't fit into anything I liked. I didn't buy my dress there I wanted to look into Davids bridal first but I did have a great experience
  • I purchased my dress from Strut and they provided very good referalls for alterations. It has arrived much earlier than expected and I'm picking it up Monday!! :-D It has been a wonderful experience all around!
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