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September 2012 Weddings

wedding dress

I haven't tired on any dresses, but have been obsessed with the allure 8770 dress since day 1. The only issue is no bridal shops carry this dress so you need to order it. I'm just afraid that if i order it without seeing it in person; what if i hate it when I see it? So my question is should I just forget the dress?

Re: wedding dress

  • Don't forget the dress, but don't set your mind to it either. Keep an open mind and go out dress shopping with your ladies! You could be soooo surprised as to what looks good on you! Print off this picture when you go to a salon and just say this is the style you're looking for, they'll find what they have that most looks like it so you can see if that style even looks good on your body. You could find something very comperable that you could bring home that day. Good luck!
  • Agreed. The salons should be able to find you similiar styles. I ended up getting a totally different dress than I thought I wanted... what you think would look great on you may not and vice versa.
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  • I had a similar situation.  I loved a dress that had a satin ribbon that sits on the hips and was an A-line skirt.  I showed the shop what I loved and they had a fit-n-flare (which I was against at the time) with rhinestones on the hips and neckline.  I was sure I wasn't going to like it.

    I ended up purchasing it and now the stylist has discontinued the dress so I'm SOO lucky I bought it early.  I absolutely love my dress and can't imagaine myself getting married in anything else.

    I can't wait to see the rhinestones shimmer in the Autumn sunset.
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  • I agree with the other posters. Go and try on a bunch of dresses, especially similar styles to the one you like. If that style really generally seems to work on you then go ahead and order your dream dress! Also try to find reviews online for your dress, how is the fit, quality, color, etc.

    And it's a beautiful dress by the way!
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  • I agree about trying on similar dresses. Sometimes a picture is completely different than what the dress looks like on. A dress I fell in love with looked awful in a picture of a model but looked completely different in person when I tried it on. By just trying on similar styles you will know how it might fit on you.
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  • Yea I was pretty sure I knew exactly what my dress was when I saw a picture of it but then I tried it on and didn't really like it.  So yea I would try on some dresses simular to it. 
  • tayliataylia member
    have you seen anything close to it so you can get an idea of it? don't bank on one dress be open bc what like on paper might not look good in the mirror
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