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Anyone speak punjabi??

I would like to have a bracelet engraved with the word "friend" in punjabi for one of my bridesmaids who is indian. Her culture is everything to her and i think it would mean alot to her that i give her something that incorporates it. She speaks punjabi.

Is there anyone who speaks punjabi who can tell me how you say/spell the word "Friend" in punjabi?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I dont want to ask her since i want it to be a surprise!)
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Re: Anyone speak punjabi??

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    I speak punjabi- Female friend-"Saheli"
                              Male friend-"dost"

    Very sweet of you to do this! Good luck!

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    Thank you soooooo much! She is going to be so happy. I know it will mean alot to her!!!!
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