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Looking for Inexpensive Microphone for Ceremony

I'm getting married indoors at a small art gallery in downtown Baton Rouge, LA and am in need of  microphone and speakers to ensure my guests can hear the ceremony properly.  My planner says this will cost us ~$250 min. to rent and with all of our extra expenses for the little items, I'd hate to spend that much for a 20 min. ceremony.  Does anyone know or has tried using a computer w/speakers with a compatible wireless mic?   We could hide the computer and speakers under the podium where the officiant would be standing and connect the mic to the podium.  It's just an idea that popped in my head and I was wondering if anyone had tried this and if it could work.  Please offer any details on how it worked out if so.  Thanks so much!

Re: Looking for Inexpensive Microphone for Ceremony

  • Not sure if you're having a DJ but could he provide the mic and speakers for the ceremony as well? Our is!
  • Ask the art gallery.  If they have conferences and meetings there they may have some on site, or at the very least they will have a rental contact that they use regularly.  I think we rented some for a party a while ago for about $150 but that will obviously depend on your area.  Call around to some music stores or karaoke rental places and see what they get - you don't have to go with the person that your planner found.

    It's worth it to pay a few extra bucks for a robust sound system - your guests will thank you that they can hear what is being said!  Nothing worse than going to a ceremony and not hearing anything.

  • The mic is the cheap part (you can get a good Shure corded mic for around $30) - it's the speakers and sound board that are spending. You can't just plug a mic into a speaker - you need to have a sound board in order to control the volume of the mic. It's probably better to just rent it than it is to purchase it. That being said, your planner is ripping you off. It should cost maybe $100, $150 tops to rent a simple system. Shop around and see if you can find a better deal.
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