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How did your FI propose?

We were on vacation and went to the Grand Canyon.  Windy and cold (below average temperature in April), he ushered me off the beaten path to get a closer look of the Canyon.  As I gazed at this natural wonder, he called me over and motioned me to sit next to him on this huge rock.  He proposed right there.  I can't ask for a more memorable (and beautiful) location.

I tried to call my dad and couldn't get in touch with him, then FI told me my dad already knew!  He already had his blessing :)

I called my mom later in the day:
Me: Mom, I'm engaged!
Mom:  Does "J" know (my FI)?

My mom thinks she's a comedian :)

Re: How did your FI propose?

  • My FI was very suspicious the day of our proposal since it was a Thursday and he took me to Joey's for dinner (our favorite Italian restaurant). I couldn't figure out why he took me out just on a Thursday when we had to work the next day.

    In any case, we ordered drinks and he said he had to tell me something, "I don't want to be a boyfriend anymore." I looked at him and almost punched him; we had no real problems, our finances were stable and I was a bit stressed at work but that was it.

    I just said, "Wow, really?"

    He said, "Nope, I want to be a husband; will you have me?"

    I couldn't speak, I burst into tears and babbled out something that I'm pretty sure was a yes, but I was so nervous and happy I couldn't speak. He was laughing and he finished his dinner and dessert. I couldn't eat and spent the rest of the night staring at my hand with the wait staff.

    Then I got home and told my family; they apparently knew because he called my parents and asked for permission the night before. It was really perfect...
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  • Awww both your stories are so sweet.

    I didn't have a traditional proposal. It started off as a conversation about our future and he said lets start planning, I was like really like right now and he said yea right now,we went ring shopping and it all went from there.I'd love to have a romantic fairy tale proposal to tell my children but I'm still as happy as if he was on bended knee.

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  • My fi was trying to wait and propose for Xmas, (and had been telling me he was going to ropose for Valentines, so I wasn't even expecting it then!) but he's not good at keeping surprises from me.

    So one might a few months before we were in bed and I was just about to sleep and he asked me. I thought he was joking at first, especially since he didn't have a ring yet. We had been planning on going to look at them sometime soon so I could give opinions, but then we just went and picked one out and bought it. 

    I know it's not like a super great story, but I love it that he couldn't wait! 
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  • @ melntaitt - Oh that is too funny! I would've been ready to punch him too! :P

    FI and I had talked about marriage and having a life together.  And I expected, because he normally is so creative, that the proposal would be too.  Christmas was coming up and a few weeks before a jewelry box appeared---but not a ring shaped box.  When I asked about it, he told me he'd bought me a bracelet. Seriously? I don't even WEAR bracelets, nor had I asked for one. So then I started to believe that the box was empty or that he'd put the ring in a different box to disguise it.  A few days before Christmas, after I poked and proded at him about it, he insisted the box was not empty and he shook it.  My heart sank. It sounded like a bracelet. He really did waste money to get me a bracelet when I would have given anything for a ring. Christmas Eve arrived and we did our gift exchange. Of course he saved the jewelry box until the end... He goes to hand it to me, stopped, muttered something under his breath, jumped up and disappeared into the other room. When he returned, he got down on his knee, with a ring box, and said "Will you marry me please?" It was adorable, I must confess.

    After the proposal, I insisted on seeing what was in the other box. It was a bracelet alright... that looked like a DOG COLLAR!  He said he'd gotten it for $5.00 someplace to throw me off on the ring.  He's lucky... if he'd given me that dog collar, I would have punched him for sure! 
  • Nothing really over the top or romantical.  Like 7E, we talked about it and decided to start planning this year (after all, it's been a long time coming for us).  Our 14 year anniversary is coming up and it falls on a weekend so it was perfect.  

    However, when we were still in high school, he would walk me home everday after school so we could spend as much time together as possible.  When we got to my front steps, he took out a wedding band (an old family band he had) and asked me to marry him. More like a promise that he would marry me and the wedding band was until.  I lost the band but never forgot that night.
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