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Nightmares and Dreams

Have started for almost recurring dream-mare (I had it 3 days in a row)  I was arguing with FI (over the invitations)...I felt really bad when I woke up 1. b/c I was still tense from the dream and 2. b/c FI has not done anything wrong regarding the wedding since we got engage, so why am I so frustrated with him in my dreams? lol!

Last night I dreamt of our wedding day.  I felt so beautiful and I was actually wearing the dress that I purchased.  Nobody was walking me down the aisle and I had no bridesmaids.  The wedding was not a DW, it wasn't in a church, it felt like a castle and FI was sitting in a throne (looking handsome ;-)) as I walked toward him.  The guests were old friends and family members that I haven't had contact with in years (weird).  The "I'dos" were performed by a man (the king of the castle?) in some weird language that was sort of like spanish, and FI was upset by that lol!  Next thing I know I am on my way to try and find where the reception is, going up an escalator by myself on my cell phone with my mother asking where she was and trying to find the place...What the hell does this mean? lol!!  I'm not really asking, its just weird.

Anyone else having weird wedding related dreams??
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Re: Nightmares and Dreams

  • I have lots of strange dreams like that.  and other things.  Like once I dreamt (before we decided on a DW) that we were in this huge room and there were hundreds of people there and the Caterer came up to me asking for the check for the food which was over 50K and I started crying because I didn't have the money and then the building burnt down.  So i understand strange dreams 
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  • I have had 2 dreams about the seamstress ruining my wedding dress.  my dress is very simple no train, no fluff.  In my dream they add a cathedral length train and a metal hoop skirt.  they also add red white and blue knitting to it that falls apart.  Very scary.  I have to find someone to do the alterations, I'm so nervous they are going to ruin it!
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    ahhh! glad I am not the only one, but the dream about the dress is scary!  I am sure NOTHING will happen to your dress!! :-D
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  • I  had the dress dream too. I also had a dream where all my family was there and they were fighting and talking over the officiant lol kinda funny.
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  • I had a couple of dreams where I married the wrong man! I went down the aisle expecting FI, but then after the ceremony i found out that I had married one of my ex-boyfriends. And my new "husband" ditched me immediately after the ceremony to go on a trip with his friends. So ridiculous, but I was so upset (in the dream and when I woke up)!
  • When we were trying to decide on a resort, and put down a deposit, I kept having a nightmare where there was a bad storm right before our wedding, and an underground river came to the surface and made us have to take a boat from the resort to the ceremony location, and they couldn't fit all our family in one boat, so a bunch of people couldn't come. It was weird. 
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  • I've had numerous and I'm still 3 1/2 months out !!!!
  • I often have dreams that I'm breaking up with my FI. However, in the dreams I am with my Ex-FI, so I understand. I always wake up thinking that God I didn't go through with that one!
  • 2-3 months ago I kept having this recurring dream that I had to cancel the wedding becasue I was pregnant. Like I couldn't fly because I was too pregnant and apparently didn't notice until I was at the airport lol.

    I had a weird one too where the wedding was a disaster. Nobody knew where they were supposed to be, my MOH showed up in a white wedding was bad.

    I haven't had one in awhile though!

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