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Rhode Island

Whole Foods Florist

Hi, there's been so many brides complimenting wedding flowers from Whole Foods. Do any past brides have pics that they don't mind sharing? I have ideas in my head, and wasn't sure if they have done something similar in the past? 

Re: Whole Foods Florist

  • Hello~ I used Whole Foods University in Providence. I worked with Sherry and she was absolutely amazing. Below is a link with pictures of the floral centerpeices, ceremony arrangements, and flowers (both the potted orchid and the lose flower petals and the single stems used as part of the decor). 

  • Moni- I can't remember- did they deliver for you?
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  • yes and delivery was inexpensive too! I had my ceremony and personal flowers delivered to Fall River and the centerpieces to Newport. My quote for delivery was $15 for FR and Newport was $27. 
  • Moni - the flowers and colors you picked out stood out beautifully!I have an appointment with Sherry in January, but wanted to be prepared what I can ask for. I hope it goes well! Thank you.
  • I had heard geat things about Whole Foods as well.  I made an appointment with somone at the Cranston location, after speaking with  a woman a few times and was blown away by some of the pricing they could provide.  So I made an appintment, confirmed a day or two before.  When I arrived to the store for my 9am appointment I was asked to sit in their table area.  About 10 minutes later, the store manager came over and said that their head florist was on vacation and the woman she works with doesnt come in until 1030, and wanted to know if he could reschedule or come back.  He also had no response to my inquiry of confirming my early morning appoint not even 48 hours prior.  Needless to say I was livid.  We live about an hour from Newport, I had taken the day off of work to meet with the florist and take care of a few other items, so I wasnt even in a position to adjust things.  I was super disappointed as they didnt even apologize.  The woman I spoke to even had my phone number and to this day still has never bothered to call and apologize.
  • ^ Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I know of a bride who used the Whole Foods at that location and was happy with their services. I am not sure they do deliveries but worth inquiring since not all Whole Foods deliver. I did call the Cranston location but found their response slow while Sherry from Whole Foods was very good with e-mails and phone calls.
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