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Goth wedding locations in or near Washington DC

I posted this in another board but was told to try here. Here's that previous post:

I'm looking for ideas for a "goth" wedding venue, spefically in the Washington DC metro area (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_DC_Metro_Area) Preferably where both ceremony and reception can be held, but I am open to separate ceremony and reception locations that are close to one another. I saw the list of "5 Haunted Halloween Wedding Sites" but they're all so far away.

Re: Goth wedding locations in or near Washington DC

  • Gustafson28Gustafson28 Winterfell member
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    Did your local board tell you to try here? If not (not trying to give you the run-around), I'd ask there too. I'm Canadian so probably no help for the DC area specifically. It depends on how comfortable your guests would be but you could always have the wedding ceremony/reception at a cemetary. They often have a club house type thing where you could have dinner too. Depends on how Gothic  you're trying to go :)
  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    I'm not from the DC area, but what about a cemetary?  I've heard of some folks getting married in a cemetary and then having the reception in another location.
  • I agree, what other board did you post it on? If it wasn't the Washington DC board, then you should definitely try there. I also am Canadian so I can't help you with something in that specific location.
  • What about renting out a club you like? There are also a ton of historic houses... maybe one of them could be decorated to relect your taste?
  • Maryvale Castle. That is where we're getting married, and we're holding a mascarade ball recception.
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