She ROcks! (kinda long)

I am a Houston knottie, but my wedding planner is from Louisville.(My hometown)

I have Splendid Events, AKA Pam Broadus, as my wedding planner. Yep, I am in Houston, and I want to have some sort of Bluegrass element to my wedding so we just knew she was the one. I consider her as my borrowed piece of the wedding. She rocks girls!
Pam had scheduled an appointment to visit with a local florist when she flew down for our appointment almost 2 months ago. Keep in mind the florist was recommended by a great number of the Houston Knotties. On the day of the appointment the florist had to rescheduled our appointment till the next day. No problem for Pam she kept it going. She had our agenda so jam packed that my disappointment had no time to settle.

Fast forward to the next day, we go to meet with the florist, and she was not a very cozy person at all. In fact, she was rather insulting, rude, and downright nasty! However, with the greatest professionalism, Pam ended the appointment after 11minutes and gave me a hug as we walked out of the building and said let's go find you another florist. Her words provided just the right type of comfort I needed to keep from becoming a big cry baby. (Yes I did shed a total of 6 tears.) I am sooo happy I have someone who can wrangle in a snake, and comfort the big cry baby! You girls are lucky to have her in da VILLE~! GOOO CARDS~


Re: She ROcks! (kinda long)

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    She does rock. She is my coordinator !  If you are at all considering a planner or a coordinator give her a shot. She is wonderful!!
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