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We're engaged!

My fiance proposed to me almost a month ago but I decided to lurk on the boards before posting anything.. And I just really want to share my proposal story!

Him and I moved in together earlier this year and our 4 year anniversary was on December 1st. I thought he might be thinking about engagement because he suddenly knew about colour, cut and clarity. I knew he was looking. With our anniversary being on the Saturday and a 'surpirse date' planned for the Sunday I definetely thought a Sunday engagement was on the horizon for me.

On Fridays I work a late shift at work (til 7:30) and it was a horrible day for me that Friday. Everything went wrong, and to make it worse I got re-routed on my way home because of a car accident.

I finally get home and I could tell there were lights on (I could see them through the blinds) so I just tried to open the door. And it was locked. I was beyond frustrated. He knew I was coming home, he was awake and he locked the door. Here I was; holding dinner for him and now I had to juggle food and my keys and i just wanted to sleep and pretend the day never happened. Well, I got the door open... And walked into this....

And this....

And another 100 candles or so. He counted about 300 candles while he lit them all. I was completely floored. I couldn't even cry until half an hour later because I was in too much shock. A month later and it still feels like a dream. He said he wanted me to have a good proposal story to tell and he certainly delivered!

The ring was made from his grandmother's engagement ring.. I loved her and so wish she could be here to share in our joy because her and I had such a tight bond.  I am so happy I get to wear something tied to her for the rest of my life. They are 1940's romantic cut diamonds, they are near colourless. It is 1 carat total weight. He had the ring designed at a local jewler.

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