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New Hampshire

Picked up my dress! (and also had issues :( )

So after my floral and cake calls, I went to go pick up my dress, this dress has been a PIA...I bought it big, then had to have most of it taken in, and then i thought maybe the hips should be taken out (I have wide hips, boo) so I went through my fittings (an one hour drive each way) and everytime I needed more adjustments, and there were constantly pins in the bottom where the alterations lady would keep forgetting to take it out...! So the 3rd fitting (last week) She finally said she would remember to take it out and I could try on my dress and pick it up... well I went for my 4th and last fitting/to pick up my dress.. tried it on and I now think I prob shouldn't have taken it out because it looks a little baggy in the lower half and bottom...grr...and its too late for any other changes. It will be fine im sure, I just think if my alterations lady had taken it out the first or second fitting, like she was suppose to there would have been more time to adjust it or take it back in!

Re: Picked up my dress! (and also had issues :( )

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    It's so frustrating to have these little things to worry about, this close to your wedding.  I know it's hard, but typically the take in/out amount is very very small, and it may be more noticeable to you than to others.  My advice would be to take a deep breath, accept that at this point, it is what it is, and look forward to wearing the dress of your dreams VERY soon! :)  
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    I certainly understand your frustration....sorry you're having to deal with this too!  I'll be that no one else will see this though and that you'll look beautiful in your gown!  I can't wait to see your pictures.  Sending you vibes so that everything else goes smoothly!
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