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March 2012 Weddings

St Pattys Day...

Hello Fellow March 2012 BTB....
  I am also getting married on March 17, 2012....Lets get to know each other better.. Here is my info....
Name: Kelly
FI name: Josue 'Joshua'
My DOB: Nov 20
FI DOB: Oct 22
Wedding Location: South Florida- Venue is still up in the air.
Wedding Theme: Butterfly Garden
Wedding Colors: Baby Pink, Light Green, Chocolate\

Looking forward to getting to know you all and exchanging ideas.. Kelly

Re: St Pattys Day...

  • hey there...
    i am also getting married that day.  i have been lurking for a while, but haven't posted anything yet.  i was excied to see someone sharing our date!

    we are both irish, i am scottish too.  so our theme is celtic-ish.  the men will be in kilts but the colors are red, black and white.  FI's family tartan is red and black, so that killed the original plan in my head to do green. 

    we haven't picked a venue yet either, we actually just started looking.

    random fact...i am a scorpio too.

  • Thumper1148Thumper1148 member
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    Another St. Patty's Day bride here.

    "thebaba" - My FI and Iare similar to you.  :)  FI and I are both Scottish (FI is part Irish too).

    Name: Brooke
    FI name: Jason
    Wedding Location: Detroit
    Wedding Theme: Celtic
    Wedding Colors: Green, Gold, White

    FI is wearing his family Tartan as well.  We have found a few different Celtic traditions we are going to incorporate into the ceremony as well.
  • Wow! Good day to get married, huh ladies? I'm actually surprised to see other people getting married that day. Well here are some stats on our wedding:
    Name: Jessy
    FI Name: Josh(strange coincidence, munecca!)
    Wedding Location: Northern California
    Wedding Theme: We only just started planning so we don't have a real clear theme yet.
    Wedding Colors: Dark, forest green and black

    Both he and I are Irish but we are trying to stay away from the St.Patrick's Day theme(ya'know...shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns, etc.). I wish all my fellow March 17th, 2012 brides the best of luck and the happiest of marriages! 

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  • Hi girls.....
     Im glad im not the only one planning really early....   I finalizing my venue and photographer this week.....  Wooo Hooooo
     Just FYI  my venue planner says----- Im really smart in planning this early in advance (in fact we all are). The reason she said that is no one has really caught on that it is st pattys day and a saturday, She said once brides realize it the venues will be booking quickly..... 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 have been booked for 2 yrs..
      So we are smart!!!!    Laughing

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_march-2012-weddings_st-pattys-day?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:955e4823-0be1-44ef-9ee7-99a63794e103Discussion:f75cbbd4-378a-4473-9208-c92494368673Post:77d25a18-fb63-440f-a1be-834d74a92015">Re: St Pattys Day...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Just FYI  my venue planner says----- Im really smart in planning this early in advance (in fact we all are). The reason she said that is no one has really caught on that it is st pattys day and a saturday, She said once brides realize it the venues will be booking quickly..... 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 have been booked for 2 yrs..   So we are smart!!!!    
    Posted by munecca[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking the same thing.  Once people realize it, venues will get booked quickly.  I am going to go look at a possible venue this Saturday!
  • Yay St. Patty's Day Brides!  I love St. Patty's day and was very excited to find out it was a Saturday in 2012 so I picked it.

    Name: Siobhan (Very Irish I know!)
    FI Name: John
    Wedding Location: Northern Jersey
    Wedding Theme: We don't really have 1.
    Wedding Colors: Baby pink, light green and ivory accents.

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  • Brooke----   Laughing

    Siobhan--- Great Colors... same for me except the ivory. Mine is choclate....
  • Name: Tricia (Patricia)
    FI name: Clint (Clinton
    My DOB: Jan 25
    FI DOB: Jan 21
    Wedding Location: Atlanta 
    Wedding Theme: Nothing too clear yet, probably a really simple theme for the wedding - I'm a huge foodie so I'd like to rent out a nice restaurant which will need minimal decor. We're waiting until we know what our finances will be before making any clear decisions. 
    Wedding Colors: Still fighting between seafoam/chocolate and a citrus mix of orange/yellow/lime. It's St. Patricks Day, so it would be strange to not at least have a little green! 

    FI and I both are green-eyed Irish descendants, but the date's important moreso because it'll be our five year dating anniversary. I'm also concerned about all the best places being booked by then. Hope we won't have to go for a weekend before or after. 
    Blissfully planning away~~ Visit The Nest!image
  • SheilaMcQSheilaMcQ member
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    Name: Sheila
    FI name: Bernard
    Wedding Location: New York
    Wedding Theme: We pushed back our date because St. Patty's Day is falling on a Saturday.  So, we will definately tie that in but we don't want to overdo it.  We are having a bag piper and I'm still trying to convince him to wear a tartan.  He's Scotch-Irish and I'm Irish.  We have our band picked out and we're pretty close to choosing the perfect venue. 
    The food is #1 and Music/Entertainment is a close second followed by the venue.
    Wedding Colors:  Turquoise and Orange OR Green, Brown and Gold.
  • Hi Tricia- I love the seafoam and choc idea... But the tropical colors are nice too....

    Hi Shelia---Being in NY, you going to schedule the time around the parade??
  • Whoo! St.Pat's brides :)

    Name: Elizabeth 
    FI name: Casey
    My DOB: July 17th
    FI DOB: August 31st
    Wedding Location: Rexford NY... just gotta finalize booking! 
    Wedding Theme: Celtic-ish. We're both part Irish and I'm part Scottish. Not doing leprechauns and pots of gold (like mom suggested :P). My engagement ring is a Claddagh, with the heart having a ruby in the center surrounded by diamonds, so we're incorporating claddaghs into the design of things. We're also doing a handfasting :)  
    Wedding Colors: White and Kelly Green with touches of Saffire and Daisy

    Yay, can't wait!!! 
  • @Munecca - We've decided not to get married in the city to avoid street closures.  We are actually having our reception in Queens and the ceremony in Brooklyn.  I am planning for the traffic and will most likely have 4-5 hours in between so there is time for photo's and travel.
  • Shelia I hear you.  My Fi lives in Brooklyn and his groomsmen live in Queens.  I'm thinking about renting a hotel room for them to stay in the night before so they don't have to travel through the city that morning.
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  • Well I can see I am not the only one!  Congrats to us all. 
  • Yay I'm not the only one. It is actually already our anniversary so it is perfect that it lands on a Saturday. We don't want to play up the Irish bit too much but are going to look for little ways to incorporate it in. I want to have lots of green in all the flowers (plus I hear it makes it cheaper). Our colors are most likely bright pink and orange. 

    No venue yet but I hope the day doesn't get all booked up before we pick a location. 
  • Wow!  I didn't realize there were so many people already planning their wedding for that day!

    Name: Karen
    FI (to be- lol): Adrian
    my DOB: April 12
    FI DOB: November 15
    Wedding Location: Louisville, KY
    Wedding Theme:  This will be a second marriage for both of us.  It is all about all 6 of our kids.  Yes, we are crazy.  He is Irish so there will be touches of that in the wedding.
    Wedding Colors: Clover Green & Light Pink

    Congrats to all!!
  • WOW! i dont feel alone here now. Im a MArch 17, 2012 bride to be as well.  Im part Irish. He's full Irish (but with a Scottish last name (his dad was adopted)). We are mixing the Irish-y things with Steampunk. Crazy i know.

    Name: Selina
    FI name: Steven
    Wedding location: Missoula, MT
    Theme: Steampunk with and Irish touch or vice versa (its the only way I can expalin it)
    Colors: Dark Greens, Black, some metallics of course
  • Name: Christine
    FI Name: MIke
    Wedding Location: CT - not sure yet, just booking appointments
    Theme: Nautical with a touch of irish. I want to put a few cloves in my bouquet as well as the centerpieces, mini Jameson bottles as a favor, and an irish coffee station with liqours and whipped cream.
    Colors: navy blue and green
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