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need idea's

I am having my wedding on sept 29, 2018. My husband and I have been married 15 years on that date and want to renew our vows and have a big wedding. All we had for our original wedding was a court commissioner and witnesses and a few family members. So we want to celebrate making it this long. 

My issue is I have no clue what I am doing and would like some advice and suggestions for the Berlin/oshkosh areas.  I have no idea where to start and what I can do this early without much cash at this point. I graduate from college in august and will then get a job and begin saving money for the occasion. 

Anyone with idea's or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Kim Sullivan

Re: need idea's

  • kitty02katkitty02kat member
    edited June 2012
    this early in the game, start thinking of what your big goals are.  what are your must-haves and what are your NO-WAYs!  :)  Then start a budget-  keep in mind that vendors you contact now may go up in price, but at least you can get an idea of what various vendors are getting.  Don't get too specific with your ideas- you will change your mind (Stick with I want an outdoor wedding vs. I want an outdoor wedding at this park at this time with these colors and these chairs and.....).  :) 
    Once you have the big picture concept and the budget- then its a waiting game until it gets closer. 


    On a personal note, some of posters on the boards get their panties in a wad if you call a vow-renewal a wedding- to me-it's all the same if the vow-renewal is done tastefully add to that, who am I and why does my opinion matter- it's your day! ;) Some people can be kind of snippy so don't worry if someone isn't the sweetest to you or doesn't agree with your ideas- it's YOUR day! :)

    Secondly, these are international boards- be cautious to leave your full name associated with your posts.  Same goes with phone numbers.  Some people give out their email addresses (as long as its not [email protected]) but many chose to use the private message option (located on the left side under all the message board titles). 

    Thirdly- there's lots of LINGO on the boards- under the etiquette board, you can find a list of all the lingo shorthands.

    That being said.... welcome and congrats!!!! 
  • oh!  One more thing-  that might be helpful.... At the top of each thread- there is an "Email replies" button.  If you click that after making your post, the knot will send you an email anytime someone replies to your thread so you don't have to worry about coming back and checking it or looking for it if it gets lost in a busy board.  When you're done with that discussion thread, simply click the button again which will say "stop email replies".  :) 
  • Congrats Kim! My husband and I are doing the same thing...renewing on our 15th!! We will be having our shindig on Oct 25, 2014. (2 days after our actual 15th) It is going to be very exciting...our first wedding was a joke...we had to change reception locations 2 weeks prior to our wedding...the event manager at the original  site was fired for not following protocol....for ours, he didnt mention the minimum required food amount, nor was it in our contracts....the fact that we were having a smaller wedding with about 100 guests...we would not meet the minimum...hotel would not work with us...oh wait...i did get a letter 3 days prior saying they would still like to honor our contract and help in any way...gee thanks....needless to say...the alternative site was a dive....so this time around...it's going to be great....like the previous poster...with it being so far away...stick to what type you want...and start following whats out there and whats been done...that way when your ready to pinpoint what you want...you'll know it....
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