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Lakefront Brewery-Palm Garden

I was wondering if anyone has been to the Palm Garden in Milwaukee for a wedding or had a wedding there?  I am planning the wedding from out of town and really like the look from online. Any other similar style places in Miwaukee/Racine area? Thanks for the help
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Re: Lakefront Brewery-Palm Garden

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    I haven't been to a wedding there, but I will be having my wedding there this upcoming July.  Everyone I have talked with that has been to or had there wedding there has loved it!  My fiance loves beer so it was a great fit for us to use them for our venue.  I also really liked the prices.  You pay one set price that includes your bar package and food.  The prices go up depending on the type of food you want and type of bar package.  But I thought they were very affordable.

    If you are interested I suggest looking into it sooner than later.  The venue books up really fast.  We reserved the spot January of 2009 for summer 2010 and when we reserved the spot the venue was already booked for half of the summer dates.
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    I am also having my wedding at Lakefront in July.  My fiance actually picked our reception location but I love it as well.  The prices are reasonable for a downtown wedding and you can't beat the atmosphere.  All of our guests are really excited to come.
    We are planning from out of town and they have been good about email communication and holding our tasting on a weekend.  The only thing to consider in my opinion is the accoustics.  You won't be able to go cheap on a DJ if you want good sound.  It's a loud room so we went with Sound By Design because they know the space so well.
    Best wishes!
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    I had my wedding there last september. Feel free to email me questions/concerns at [email protected]

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    I'm having my wedding there this August.  My fiance and I LOVE going on the brewery tours there, so when it came to choosing a venue, it was our first choice.  The beer is great, and we'll know more about the food next week after our tasting, but the package pricing is very reasonable.  They do set a minimum of how much needs to be spent and do weddings on Saturdays and Sundays.

    We are using Spotlight DJs, who have worked there before and are familiar with the acoustics in the brewery because it is huge - the high ceilings were a huge draw for me.  Since the brewery is also right on the river, you've got some great photo opts as well.

    Best of luck!
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    It's fun to see all of the brides who have their weddings coming up this summer at Lakefront!  We are having our reception there in September and we're really getting excited!  We toured a bunch of venues and it was the first one that my fiance was really excited about when we left.  We love their beer and the classic cream-city brick buidling.  The packages were also really reasonably priced and so far our experience has been good.  The venue just fit our personalities and the location is great!

    Our tasting is in just over a week, which we're also really looking forward to!  I haven't personally attended a wedding there, but other people I know have.  They had great things to say. 

    We are going with Sound by Design because they are so familiar with the venue and the accoustics.
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    I had my rehersal dinner there, for a Friday Fish Fry!  They accomodated us, even though they don't take reservations during Lent season. The Polka band dind'nt play until we were about done, but everyone had fun and the food was great.  The only issue was the billling proceedure. It was all ok, and I was very happy. 
  • Does anyone know what the capacity is there? I couldn't find it anywhere on their website.
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