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Morning after brunch sans bride and groom?

I'm wondering if it is OK for parents of the bride to host a brunch the morning after the wedding for OOT friends and family after the wedding without the bride and groom in attendance? She and the groom are not morning people and will likely be exhausted and not feeling overly social and she has no interest in a brunch. Would it be weird for us to have one anyway? Totally don't expect the newlyweds to attend, and she is fine with it. But is it a no-no? We'd just host it at our home, likely with catered food (egg bake, pastries, beverages, etc.) and invite grandparents, aunts/uncles and close family friends from out of town. 

Re: Morning after brunch sans bride and groom?

  • I don't see a problem with it.  Have fun with your family.
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    No reason why you can't have everyone get together, they will probably appreciate having another meal they won't have to worry about going out for.
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  • It's always appropriate to host brunch for your friends and family. You may not want to bill it as a wedding related event though - just a brunch for friends and family while everyone is in town sort of thing.
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    Good idea to not refer to it as an official wedding-related event but just as a friends/family get-together. That alleviates some other complexities for us, actually. 

    And, oh, yes! The bride and groom would of course be welcome but I sure don't want them to feel any pressure AT ALL. They will have had quite enough pressure already! LOL 

    I mostly just wanted to be sure it wasn't a faux pas. My mom was soooo great at thigns like this but sadly, she is deceased, and this is my first child to get married. Glad I have you Knotties to ask!!!! THANKS!
  • Absolutely, go for it! My ILs hosted one for their side of the family and we chose not to attend. It was casual and held at their home. Invites were also informal and went out via email.

    It's pretty understood that the bride and groom may be too exhausted to attend and/or just want alone time.
  • My mom & her cousins threw an 85th birthday party for their aunt the day after my sister got married.  Everyone had a great time.
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    My family all had brunch together the morning after my cousin's wedding.  My aunt and uncle had organized it.  Everyone was there except the bride and groom, and we saw no problem with that.  I didn't expect to see them there anyway.
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