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help! Ireland VS. Peru LOL

Just got engaged! my Fiance (still sounds weird) is white Irish to be exact and I am full peruvian..any ideas on how to make both families enjoy themselves? I Obvously want to play some salsa and latin music but his family doesnt speak ANY spanish! on the other hand he has been learning a lot since we have been dating which has been 6 years!

any help will be appreciated!

thank you in advance!

Re: help! Ireland VS. Peru LOL

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    Congratulations and welcome! Take some time to lurk around on the site, check out all the boards, you'll find some great ideas around here. As for people enjoying themselves, my biggest plans are delicious food and great music. I think besides all the little details that's what most people enjoy in the end. And don't worry too much about his family speaking spanish when it comes to music choices. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, I hope I'm not misunderstood for this, but I just mean I think your guests already know about and will understand the joining of two cultures and both sides will see new things they hadn't seen before. Plus it's just music. Who doesn't enjoy music? :) Good luck! Keep us posted and stick around ;-)

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    hey! CONGRATS! and welcome! 

    this is quite ironic that I am in a similar predicament. 
    my FI is from Ireland, he came over many years ago, but his whole family lives in Ireland. I grew up here, but my family is from Peru and Canada. 

    I am planning on putting a lot of effort to finding a DJ that can mix english/american music and spanish/salsa/latin music. I am not sure if that exists, I will let you know. This is one of the most important vendors for me as a result. 

    I also am toying with the idea of having a salsa dancer teach a salsa lesson during the rehearsal dinner.  FI and I are going to be going to dance lessons, both for the 1st dance and all the dancing. I am hoping that I hire someone from the dance studio for a lesson or go somewhere that they offer these lessons, some clubs around me do this. 

    About the spanish, my FI has been trying to learn on and off. he has a year to start learning more. We watch a lot of movies in spanish. haha! 

    But I agree with PP, music is music. They will be ok not knowing the words in the song. I am worried about the speeches/ceremony. What are you going to do for that? 

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    Mine can't learn spanish to save his life. He can order Mexican Food. I am Mexican first gen in the states so we have very strong Mexican roots. My friends give me a hard time for being so "white-washed" but for the wedding I want to bring some of it back. FI (in a few weeks) is typical white american from Idaho. He's Norweigen, Finish and German but they don't celebrate their roots.

    So far we've decided that we will have Mariachi music for the church music and mariachi for the cocktail  hour and I want my father/daughter dance to be in Spanish.

    Foodwise, we want mexican food since everyone on both sides of the family can handle spicy but since we are getting married in such a remote area we don't know how we are going to find authentic food short of having my mom do a lot of prep work before hand.
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    I think you have to sit down together and decide what are the most important traditions to each of you and also discuss with parents, what traditions are most imporant to them.  You can have a horseshoe come down the aisle, which is an Irish symbol for good luck but also do a Peruvian tradition in the ceremony or for luck....just try to do some of this and some of that and it will turn out being a blend of the both of you!
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