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Just Engaged and Proposals

I'm in the club now!

(this got long, sorry!! I'm just so exctied!!!)

The engaged club, that is!... I'm SO HAPPY, even a week later, I'm amazed at how happy and excited I feel to be engaged and to FINALLY be able to start planning a wedding!

We've been dating for just over 9 months, and I think we both knew the night we met that this was going to happen :) And when we both started having conversations about "when we are married" there was never another doubt in my mind.

I didn't get a traditional proposal (like all women dream of, lol), and it was a bit unorthodox, but I guess it all works out in the end, haha... I had been engaged before (sort of), to my daughter's father, and after we split I took the rings (e-ring and wedding band set), so about two months ago, I gave them to my bf (I had these rings sitting in my jewelry box for 6 years, not sure why I hadn't gotten rid of them before) and told him to do whatever he wanted with them, sell them trade them, whatever, as long as it went to a new engagement ring, because he's paranoid about me going away and guys hitting on me. I'm in the military and will be with my unit for 3 weeks this July and I knew he wanted to put a ring on my finger before I left.

Anyway, wherever we went, we'd take the rings with us in case we passed a promising looking place to sell or trade, and we had time... Last weekend we went to Virginia to pick up his daughter, and on the way back up we stopped at this skeevy looking indoor flea market. They had a few jewelry stands, so we asked around and wound up getting my ring (eeee!!!!), AND $200 on top of it for all three of my old rings.

I got a diamond upgrade (my old one was a total of .51c, and my new one is 1c!), and I get to marry the love of my life!!

I wanted to give the ring back to him and let him "surprise" me with it at a later date, cuz he had mentioned he had a 'plan,' but he wanted me to just wear it. He did tell me what his plan was, though, and THAT got me crying! In the car, with the kids in the back, lol, thankfully he was driving! He was going to take me to our first date and order poutine (which is what we got the first night we met), and have them put the ring under the fries and have me find it! Just my luck I would have asked to take it home, hahaha....

ANYWAY, glad to be here and to finally be excited about my engagement instead of ashamed like the last time :)
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Re: I'm in the club now!

  • congrats and i especially like the fact that you traded in the old for the new lol. i had a little promise ring that my exbf had given me and i sold the gold. i gave the cash to fi to pay a school expense and a week later he proposed so i got a replacement pretty fast :)

  • Mrsincredible, thank you, he doesn't like me telling how we got the ring, like he feels like less of a man or something, but I said everyone I've told thinks it's awesome, especially my friends who know what I went through with my ex :)
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