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New Mexico

Bridal Hair and Make-Up

Does anyone have any suggestions for a salon or spa that does both hair and make-up? I would really like to go to just one placce for both. Or if anyone has any suggestions of places that do bridal packages for this sort of thing.

Re: Bridal Hair and Make-Up

  • mmozesmmozes member
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    A lot of places do this. I would recommend any Mark Pardo, La Bella (although I think the onein uptown closed?) or Casa Verde.

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    I was looking at La Bella, which is where my sister had hers done three years ago. But just heard some good things about a hairstylist at Marko Pardo Nob Hill. Thanks for confirming my instincts.

    Anybody ever done Aveda make-up?
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    im getting my whole bridal party done with two stylists at mark pardo in Nob Hill. 

    Not done aveda, but my make up artist does MAC, she says it photographs the best.
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    what is MAC?

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    MAC is a brand of makeup

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    Would you reccomend any specific stylist at Mark Pardo? And are you going to the uptown MAC store to get your make-up done?

    I'm thinking I definitely want to do some trials with people.
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    i have my hair trial in mid April, and I have two stylists actually travelling to my hotel room to do everything - its fairly reasonable.  The two that they chose for me (I insisted on their best) are Lindsey and Ignacio.

    I can report back on how it goes

    As for my make up artist, again she's travelling to my hotel room and does freelance only - but I trust her since she's worked on major movie sets and she has reviews on weddingwire.  I can give you her name as well

  • Caraydo84Caraydo84 member
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    is it more expensive to have them come to you instead of taking over their salon for a morning??
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    Alicia - do you know if the stylists will travel to Santa Fe?  And your make-up artist as well?  I'm not quite there on my to do list, but getting close. so if you wouldn't mind passing along the info that would be great.

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    I know my make up artist will, I'm almost positive that my hair stylists will as well.  Its $75 for my hair and $55 for updos which is what i paid for my hair over at La Bella Spa/Salon so I thought it was fairly reasonable.
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    Those prices sound great.  Would you be willing to pass along their info so I can call and see if s/he is available (both hair and make-up)? 

    You can send me a pm if you prefer.
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    Yeah please! Tell us who your hair stylist was!
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    hi all, i had both my hair and makeup trials last weekend and both my MUA and hairstylists were AMAZING.

    Ashlynne Padilla  - makeup - [email protected] Use those free fake lashes, they totally add glamour.  Not only is Ashlynne super friendly, she'll make you look amazing and natural and isnt afraid to play around with different looks

    Ignacio from Mark Pardo.  I showed him 2-3 photos and he knew exactly what I wanted.  He was again super friendly and professional.  He works at the Nob Hill location.

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    Bothh my make-up artist and my hair stylist met me on-site. Their prices were super affordable and they did an excelent job. I posted their contact info on my vendor review.

    They also travel to Santa Fe and do trial runs prior to be big day.

    "My husband says I feed him like he's a god: every meal is a burnt offering." ~Rhonda Hansome
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