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Map Question

I want to make directions cards for my OOT guests staying at the hotel.  I figured I will make three cards, each on a different color cardstock, with the written directions on one side and the google map image on the other....for hotel to rehershal, hotel to church, and church to reception.  Only problem is I can't figure out how to copy/paste the google map.  Any suggestions?

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    I have tried this and it didn't really work, so instead I ended up copying it and pasting it into microsoft word and tracing the lines of the streets and putting little icons to show like "church" and "hotels"
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  • You can 'print screen' in the size you want, then crop it in a program like Paint.
  • I can totally help with issues like this if you ladies need it! You'd have to print screen and edit it. I made my own map in Illustrator. If you need the image printed and cropped just send me the directions in a PM and I'll make the image and send it back to you :)
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