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bridal portrait at reception

We're excited to take part in the tradition of displaying one of my bridal portraits near the entrance table at our reception. For those of you who also decided to do this, did you use an easel or did you place it on the table? Also, what size did you use? Of course the photographer offers VERY large sizes, and I've read that some people do 16 x 20, but I was thinking anything over 11 x 14 would never be useful to have again. (Unless you live in a mansion)    =)Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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Re: bridal portrait at reception

  • kesh0910kesh0910 member
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    Most of the brides that I know have displayed a 16x20 portrait on an easel. I know that my FMIL has her daughter's portrait hanging on a huge wall in her living room and my friend has hers hanging above the mantel in her living room as well. But if you think you will have no where to put it after the wedding, see if your mom may want it first... if not, use a smaller portrait. If you use a smaller portrait, I would just display it on the table though.

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    My older sister had several smaller portraits sitting out. just one 11x14 and a few small engagement pictures in frames that coordinated with her beach theme. I have also heard of people using bridal portraits of both the mother of the bride and the grandmother of the bride. I
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    We will have our parents' wedding photos and one of our engagement pics, all 11x14. Anything bigger is too big, I agree.

    That said, I get a free bridal print. I think I will give it to my parents. They have a house, and we live in an apartment right now, so it's more practical. Besides, I'd rather have pics of FI and I together than a pic of just me.

    In that case, larger than an 11x14 would probably be fine. I guess it just depends on what you plan to do with it after the wedding.
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