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Has anyone been to the beazell education center in the Beazell Forest Park just outside philomath? I am looking into having my reception there since I am having a medieval themed wedding I felt that the rustic feel would be nice. I'm planning on visiting it around september to see it in the time of year we're getting married.


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    My sister had her reception there a couple years ago in May and it was very nice, and my mom just went to another wedding/reception there last weekend. If I was having my wedding near Philomath I would most likely use it for my reception. 

    -nice, rustic, but elegant space for country-themed receptions. I'm sure your medeval theme will go very well. 
    -They let you bring in your own caterer and alcohol, which is a HUGE cost-saver
    -We had all day in the space, so no 4-hours-in-and-out thing
    -beautiful trees and lawn area outside for pictures/hanging out if the weather's nice
    -lots of parking

    Things to think about:
    -you have to bring in your own rented tables and chairs, which was a pain for my dad and brother to pack up and take out afer the wedding.
    -it's pretty far away from everything, so you have to plan accordingly with set-up (20-minute drive from Philomath, where my sister's ceremony was at the Methodist Church). Don't make the mistake we did and arrange to meet the caterers out there so they have setup time. My boyfriend missed most of the ceremony because they had to be let in 2 hours before the reception. 
    -It was pretty tight with the long banquet-style tables and 150 guests, so it's better for smaller weddings. we had to clear tables to make an indoor dance space. 

    Hope that helps!

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