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Honeymoon question.

just wanted to get an idea of how many of you ladies are taking honeymoons, right after the I do's. Or will any of you be waiting a few days, weeks, or months to finally get away.

sn:: having a Sunday wedding and we really want to do a cruise but all cruises leaving that weekend, leave on Sunday :( next good cruises that we are interested in leave 2weeks later. I don't know what to do. I Was kind of hoping to get away right after the wedding.
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Re: Honeymoon question.

  • Our wedding is on a Saturday and we're leaving for our honeymoon that Monday.

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  • If it's really the cruise you want to take, then I say wait. We're getting married on a Monday and leaving the next day. Honestly I wish we had more time in between.
  • We are looking to wait a couple days or weeks depending on whcih honeymoon we take!
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  • Wedding on Friday. Going on a cruise that leaves on that Sunday, but are strongly considering leaving Saturdayto stay a n ight in PR before the cruise leaves. FI wants to get away ASAP.
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    [QUOTE]Our wedding is on a Saturday and we're leaving for our honeymoon that Monday.
    Posted by melb2013[/QUOTE]

    Same. I agree that is the cruise you want to go on, wait for it. Maybe you guys can take a mini getaway for that Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday or something... if you can get off work and all.
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  • It really all depends on money. We might leave few days later or even week later.
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    We are hoping to leave the next day (Sunday) but it depends on flights.
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    I'd like to take our honeymoon a couple of weeks later.. I originally wanted to do that because we have a lot of pets and I wanted enough time to get everything organized and get everyone to their pet sitters.. However, due to FI being a corrections officer, his job has weird request off" guidelines. We can't even be sure that he will be able to get off for the wedding. There have been many guys that weren't able to get off for theirs. However, if that happens he's going to call off. Logically, most people take their vacations between June and September, so we are going to do our honeymoon in the fall. And if he can't get off for the entire thing, I'll go by myself and he will meet me there later... It just sucks having to book so far in advance for a honeymoon when we won't know what he will be able to get off until about a month in advance... This truly is the most stressful part of the wedding planning for me!
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  • We haven't figured out exactly what we're doing, but we'd more than likely lave that tuesday since our wedding's MDW. Leaving then would mean not paying holiday charges or getting into traffic, lol.
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  • Nothing is set in stone yet but we are planning on leaving either Tuesday or Wednesday...
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  • We're leaving on our honeymoon 9 days after our wedding because I need to be at work the weekend after the wedding.
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Our wedding is on Saturday & we're leaving for our honeymoon on Tuesday. We were considering going on a cruise at one point. It would have left a week after the wedding & we were thinking of spending the week in PR before getting on the ship just so we didn't have to go back to work for a week in between haha

  • We're going on the honeymoon right after.  Well, technically we're getting married on that Saturday and leaving Sunday for Florida.  The cruise leaves Monday.  Unless of course he decides he would rather do a resort in which case I still want it to work out like that.  I think having a day between the two is nice.

    The only reason we wouldn't would be if my FI got into a PA school where he'd have to start classes right after the wedding, but he's not applying to any that start next May so nothing to worry about.
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  • We're likely leaving the Monday after our Saturday wedding. All the flights to the Caribbean leave around 6 am and I just don't want to be up that early Sunday. I can understand being bummed about leaving later- I would be too. I had some friends who left a week after their wedding for their cruise and they loved, so I'm sure it would work out well for you.
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  • We are getting married on Saturday and flying out for our HM on Sunday.
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  • We're getting married on Friday and I think we're thinking about leaving on Sunday or Monday. FI has a lot of OOT family so we will be able to spend a little time with them before heading out.
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  • Getting married on Saturday, leaving on Sunday for honeymoon.. we're doing a Caribbean cruise, so we'll be flying down to FL Sunday morning.
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  • LB&SFLB&SF member
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    Our Wedding is May 18.  FI wants to leave next day.  I said no because it would be way too much for me...  We are going to go the weekend after for a cruise.  I literally just realized the weekend after is MDW.  Rates go up for that I think.  So now I have no idea what to do. 

    But for you, if that's the cruise you want.  Wait for it
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  • We're getting married on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and thinking of leaving on Tuesday to give us time to recover from the wedding and bypass all the holiday weekend travel madness.
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